Managing Sports Risks on Kids

Kids are active creatures that like to move around and can’t stand still. When you introduce them to sports since the early young age, it can deliver a lot of positive effects and results. For a starter, kids with better athletic performance tend to have improved gait and posture. They also have better health and athletic ability. They develop a sense of discipline and sportsmanship in a positive competitive atmosphere.

However, kids are also prone to injuries and risks. They usually have slower respond when dealing with the dangerous situation. That’s why you need to educate yourself (and also them) about the various types of injuries. The most common injuries happening to kids are strain, sprain, bone injuries, concussion, and repetitive motion injuries.

Proper Technique Is a Must

It is important that coaches have physical and fitness background so they can deliver a better result. They should have the basic knowledge of:

  • Sportsmanship
  • First aid assistance
  • Fitness principle
  • Basic sports skills
  • Teaching techniques

If they have this knowledge, they can make a better assessment of the kids’ condition. The problem with this situation is that most coaches are volunteers – so they don’t really have the skills or the knowledge about the proper techniques needed in kids training. It is important for coaches to teach the kids the basic knowledge as well as showing the right technique so the kids can have better information. If they know the right technique, they also know how to avoid dangerous movement or risky situation. Unfortunately, not all coaches have this understanding.

If the coach shows the kids how to do proper stance when running, they can avoid foot injuries, knee splints, or shin damages. It is important to remember that kids are kids; they aren’t college players or high school athletes. Giving them the basic knowledge and foundation is important to ensure their safety.

Avoid Overuse

Competitive sports (like gymnastics, baseball, swimming, track, or basketball) often involve repetitive motions and overuse training. If your kids are involved in intense sports and they practice all year round, the chances of them suffering from such injuries are bigger. In most cases, sports camps, longer seasons, and intensive training programs are the main culprit for the overuse injuries. If your kids haven’t reached their pre-teen years, it is better to choose the sports for the sake of fun and enjoyment only. You can involve them in a more competitive atmosphere once they have reached puberty. Let them have fun and play around first.

Cross Training for Kids

It would be best if kids can learn about cross training, such as balancing drills, jumping, stretching, and even weight training. Aerobic training is common in basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. If the coach can teach these to the kids, they can have a better muscular growth and also a better response in relation to preventing injuries.

Neuromuscular Training Is Okay

In this kind of training, kids learn about strengthening their legs properly while doing jumping (and landing) properly. If such training is done properly, your kids can enjoy the benefits of sports while preventing risks altogether.


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