The International 2017: Tournament Overview

The 7th edition of the International tournament is a highly anticipated event. Valve organizes the tournament, and it is forecasted to be the most prestigious event of the season.

At this point, there isn’t much to be said. Still, it is believed that it will be held similarly to the way it had been in the previous years. We anticipate that Valve will place an amount of money as the elementary price pool.

Afterward, the community could consider contributing by buying the compendium to the International. This approach has been demonstrated to be quite successful in the past. To be more precise, the base price pool for Dota 2016 was established at $1,600,000. And it reached the surprising sum of $20,770,460.

According to previous International tournaments, no region (west or east) can maintain a winner for two consecutive times. We foresee that this is going to be an important tournament since Wings Gaming (China) won in 2016. We are curious to see whether the winner would come from the western hemisphere.

The venue where the event will be held is unknown at this point. Nonetheless, the location remains Seattle, USA.

Without a doubt, the International 2017 is going to be an electrifying event, for a handful of reasons. Firstly, the release of the new Dota 2 Patch 7.0 announces various changes. The first trial is observing which teams will adapt best to the game at the upcoming Kiev Tournament.

T17 Teams

Valve will presumably keep their system unchanged, as it worked perfectly well in the previous year. That means they will send direct invitations to a few teams. Last year’s winners, namely Wings Gaming, are probably some of the first teams to be invited.

Apart from that, the winner of the Kiev tournament at the end of the month will participate in the event as well. As for the rest of the participants, they will have to go through the qualifiers to get the chance to enter the competition.

Betting Information

Betting definitely maximizes the excitement and anticipation of every game. Considering the magnitude of the International 2017, enthusiasts will place their bets and directly be part of the event. One could place bets for the qualifiers and the main event as well. You should visit to do that.

What about the Prize Pool?

As we said before, the value of the price remains unknown at this stage. Without a doubt, Valve has a unique way of organizing these events, to grow the excitement as much as possible. The question that follows is whether the prize pool for the upcoming International 2017 will be higher than in 2016 or not. We are eager to find that out, just as you probably are.

Tickets aren’t available for purchase yet, but they will be as the time of the tournament approaches.

Are you excited about the International 2017? We certainly are. It is, without a doubt, the most decisive competition in the realm of eSports, so the stakes are high.

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