How To Store Ski Gear In The Off Season

With this year’s ski season winding down it’s time to think about preparing and storing your ski gear away until next season. You’d never think of storing your backyard grill away without some preparation and the same goes for properly taking care of your ski equipment. Depending on how much use your skis have seen it’s a good idea to having a tune up done at the local ski shop, for those DIY types here’s a list of tips:


  • Clean skis by hosing down or in the shower, wipe any remaining debris and water with a durable cloth.
  • Remove rust from ski edges with a gummy stone, scotch brite pad or fine – medium steel wool.
  • Remove old wax from the base using a brass, copper or bronze brush or a plexiglass scraper. Use a mild citric solution/base if needed.
  • Apple wax to base and edges liberally to protect from moisture and rust, hot wax is recommended just avoid using liquid wax when storing skis.
  • Remember to scrape any excess wax from skis before hitting the slopes again.


  • There are differing opinions on this so it comes down to personal preference, some suggest releasing the tension on bindings. Still another school of thought is to leave them as is which won’t require resetting them next season.


  • String or tie poles together, hang, lay or stand up near your skis.


  • Completely wipe down and thoroughly dry which might require removing the soft inner liner.


  • Completely dry and wipe the outer lens with a lens cloth, never wipe the inside which could remove or smear the anti fog coating. I necessary to clean the inside gently blot with a lens cloth.
  • Once clean store in a soft protective cover, the pouch it came in or ideally a pouch in your ski bag.

Ski Apparel

  • Wash and dry thoroughly according to manufacturer’s instructions, and check for to see if any repairs are needed.

Where to store skis

  • Store in a temperature controlled environment to ensure long life
  • Closets, spare rooms, under the bed are good options
  • Unfinished attics or basements don’t provide the proper environment. Never on concrete flooring as any moisture could rust ski edges.
  • Strapping the tip and tails together maintains the shape of the skis with a non abrasive material. Do not strap the camber or middle parts of skis unless manufacturer suggest it.
  • Lay skis flat with nothing on top in order to avoid compressing the camber unless recommended by the manufacturer.

Storage Zone has three locations in Lubbock Texas for you to store your skis at including their North Frankford location.

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