The Importance Of Home Environmentalism

The Call to Green

The energy crisis of the 1970s served as a wake-up call to Americans that the era of cheap and easy energy was at an end. Since that time, it has been socially desirable to be conscious of the need to protect our environment.

Many new initiatives have come about in the past five decades to make us far more environmentally friendly. From increased efficiency of our cars, junk car removal which help get old cars off of the street, all the way down to the installation of home solar energy systems, there has been a focus on saving energy and using it more effectively.

The Energy-Efficient Home

With all the emphasis on energy efficiency, there has been a surprising lack of response from millions of homeowners that ignore basic steps that could assist in making their homes more energy efficient. Perhaps it seems that the recommended steps are too small to matter. That is definitely a bit of the case.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that over a third of the energy supplied to American homes is ultimately wasted. This comes from leaks in the home, old appliances and dozens of other related small problems that could be easily home remedied. This includes things like changing filters on heating and cooling systems.

Cumulatively speaking, the impact of these seemingly little things are a big drain on our nation’s energy supplies – make no mistake about it. It is interesting that people that wouldn’t dream of not recycling a plastic bottle will fail to take the basic steps to weatherproof their home.

Taking the First Steps

Perhaps part of the problem is that so many messages about the environment make us partially deaf to what we thing are insignificant things. Yet, instead of spending $30,000 on solar panels, a small expenditure on new efficient light bulbs can have a real impact on monthly energy usage on a larger scale.

First Steps for Concerened Homeowners

For concerned homeowners, the first step to take is to contact their local utilities and arrange for a home energy audit. Today’s professionals are well-trained, well rounding and very knowledavle in how to improve the energy efficiency of homes. There is specialized equipment to test for energy losses and clear recommendations on how to deal with them.

Aside from helping with the environment, taking these steps is a sure-fire way to save money, and can be very rewarding to the wallet. Many people enjoy immediate savings of a whopping 15% to 20% in their utility bills each and every single month. Now that is truly a win-win!

Working Together On Small Things As A Team Will Only Add To The Big Picture!

Taking care of the environment truly starts at home. It pays to think small when planning to be a responsible citizen caring about the environment. Take care of the energy needs of your home and encourage your neighbors to join in. It is one neighborhood project that will benefit everyone.

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