The Importance of Checks on Employees and Volunteers

As a hiring manager, it can be difficult to make sure everyone you are hiring is a good fit for your company. Inviting someone into your business is risky, and one of the best ways to make sure you are making a smart move in your hiring is to perform checks on the person’s background. This is especially important when the staff you are hiring will be working with vulnerable adults or children. In these cases, there is a special service to ensure that you will not be putting children or vulnerable adults at risk.

Eligibility for This Check

A DBS check isn’t appropriate for every hire you make, but there are some scenarios that you will want to be sure to run this check. Anyone working with children should have their background checked to make sure they are going to treat the children appropriately and will keep the kids safe. In addition, any volunteers you have coming into your company will need to be checked as well.

If you have people who will be working in childcare or fostering children, it is important to screen them through this type of check. Before you allow them access to sensitive data, checking their background will give you the peace of mind that you are not putting your company or important information at risk. This will allow you to know if there were any convictions, either spent or unspent, that the person may have had in the past.

Online Checks

It’s even easier now than ever to check the backgrounds of your future employees or volunteers. By simply sending the detailed information on the person you want checked, you can quickly receive a detailed report on their past. Everything is confidential, and the information will be sent straight to you to review.

International Checks

Criminal checks are available, even if your employee or volunteer is not native to the UK. International workers are constantly coming to the UK for jobs or volunteer work, but they need to be held to the same high standards as other workers. This is the only way to make sure everyone is safe. These checks are performed by specialists who are able to verify your international workers and make sure they are eligible to work for you.

With these background checks, you can rest assured that you won’t make a huge hiring mistake. There are risks associated with hiring any person, but you do have to be especially careful to keep children and vulnerable adults safe when you are looking at applicants. You can rely on these checks, both enhanced and international, to help you make a good decision, no matter who the applicant is or what they have told you in your interviews with them.

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