5 Great Ways to Renovate Your Office Space

A new office refurbishment can bring a breath of fresh air into your old surroundings, an innovative design can help to motivate workers and make customers feel welcome when they visit your premises. A stimulating new environment ensures improved productivity and shows employees that you care about their feelings and the type of setting they conduct business in. Renovating your office space doesn’t have to break the budget, the project can be completed successfully by hiring the right contractor and choosing the most appropriate products.

  1. Redecorate the Walls

A fresh coat of paint or a new style or pattern can add a fresh new look to your office space, it will have a massive effect on your surroundings and is a cost-effective method for renovating your chosen area. Try to include interesting art or wall designs which get employees interested in your interior décor, some images can be used to motivate staff members and help them work in a more productive manner. Always aim to pick a colour or design which aligns with your brand and business image.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Bathrooms

If you are preparing an office refurbishment in Coventry or any other city in the UK, you have the option of hiring a company who has experience in commercial renovations, more specifically, in sectors such as toilet refurbishments. A spotlessly clean toilet is essential not only for employees, but for the image of your company, anyone visiting your premises will be immediately make negative judgements about your business if they visit a dirty, unkempt washroom. A beautifully maintained toilet demonstrates your attention to detail and shows that your business doesn’t neglect any area of its premises, ensuring everything is kept to a highly professional level.

  1. De-clutter & Create Space

Try not to over complicate your office space, only include essential items and use as many plants and flowers as possible. Research has shown that even in the middle of a concrete jungle, plants and other greenery are great for keeping employees refreshed and in touch with nature. You can install innovative storage units which don’t take up too much space and help to make even small office spaces feel spacious.

  1. Lighting

Studies now suggest that fluorescent lighting is extremely bad for office workers, it is severe and has the potential to trigger migraines and other health related issues. Where possible, position desks and work stations close to windows, allowing as much natural light to penetrate your office space. Natural light is vital to increase productivity as it keeps workers motivated and fresh throughout the day.

  1. Chose Open Office Plans

Open office plans allow for company growth and encourage an environment which helps workers to socialise during the day, giving workers freedom to socialise improves social bonds and makes for a much happier workforce. Add comfortable office furniture with an area where employees can meet and discuss company task and work-related issues.

Choose a reliable, experienced renovation team to help you design a whole new fresh office environment.

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