The Future Of Online Advertising Is Mobile

If you have landed on this article, there is a higher probability that you are reading it on your mobile device. You keep yourself updated all the time with the news and stock market apps in the phone and purchase whatever you need in minutes with just a few clicks through your favorite e-commerce portal app. In fact, you unconsciously end up spending most of your time on the social sites, even if it’s for the business reasons.

Remember, your consumers get everything done on the go through the smartphone devices. Mobiles are far ahead than being just an instrument to receive and make calls.

Increased penetration of smart phones, falling data package rates and introduction of 4G plans – all these factors combine to create growth opportunities for marketers in the mobile advertising segment.

As mobiles are becoming the preferred medium for consumers, companies are recognizing the need to invest more in digital marketing with mobile devices being the central and significant part of all the marketing strategies.

Let’s take a look at the key trends that would likely shape up the future of online (mobile) marketing ecosystem.

m-Commerce Gains Transaction

While e-commerce has been penetrating in the market since years and continue to be the principal driving force in ad spends on smartphones, a shift has been observed in the consumer behavior pattern lately.

Consumers prefer to spend more time shopping while they are on the go since they are otherwise busy and don’t get time to shop, it has provided e-commerce companies an uplift (which are now converting into the m-Commerce entities, owing to the rising demand).

User Engagement and Native and Programmatic Advertising

The pace of native and programmatic advertisement has accelerated in the market as marketers, enterprises and publishers are recognizing its potential as the game changer in the manner in which they conduct business.

Programmatic advertising is an efficient tool which lets a marketer provide personalized ads to the customers, hence replacing the traditional method of displaying banners on different websites. And with the native advertising, marketers are expecting to offer less disruptive advertising to the customers. Thus, these are being identified as significant tools to boost up the user engagement with brands.

Fighting the Ad Frauds

If there is one issue that digital ecosystem is facing majorly today, then it is ad fraud. In fact, a study by AppLift has revealed that more than one-third of the mobile programmatic traffic is currently at the risk of fraud.

This increase in the fraudulent activity has just put a huge question mark on the veracity of the advertising industry, but it also indicates huge financial losses that marketers have to incur. Hence, with the rise in programmatic buying, detecting and fighting fraud will become one of the major area of concerns for the marketers and will shape the future of online advertising environment.

With more and more users getting engaged with their smartphones to watch videos, advertisings, shop or refer information, mobile advertising is certainly one of the hot trends of this year. And it is here to stay!

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