The Do’s and Don’ts For First Dates

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking, especially when you barely know the person. Say you recently met on – what topics should you bring up and how should you act? The goal of any first date is to get to know one another and to be yourself. So if you’re worried about how your date is going to go, join the countless others. The following tips you can use to help make your first date as smooth sailing as possible.

Wear Something Impressionable

What you wear on your first date is very important. Although you’ve already made an impressive enough first impression to get the date in the first place, you still have to continue impressing them. For this reason, you want to ensure that the outfit you choose isn’t over the top. Where the date is being had will determine whether you should wear something casual or formal. Either way, show your real personality and character.

Don’t Talk About Heavy Topics

This could work for certain types of people, but in most cases, you want to avoid heavy topics on the first day. Heavy topics would include talking about marriage, raising children and religion. Even politics may be a little too much on the first date, especially if the two of you have opposing views. Stick to lighter, but equally important topics to learn more about the other person, such as asking about their childhood, what they’re looking for in a relationship and what their favorite hobbies are.

Be Flirty, But Not Easy

Both sides of the date should show interest, without being slutty. This can be a turn off this early on. Know how to flirt to show you like them, but not as though you’re ready to sleep with them. This can be making eye contact, smiling, softly touching the others hand while you’re talking and so on.

Choose a Good Location

First dates should be in a setting where the two of you can easily focus on one another. So it should be too loud or distracting. A quiet park, restaurant or similar places should be considered. Loud sports and music bars wouldn’t be ideal since there’s too many people to distract you and it’s way too loud. There won’t be much conversation in these places. Save these types of destinations for the fourth or fifth dates.

Don’t Continue to Check Your Smartphone

Most people today are tied to their smartphones, and if this is you, try to keep it off during the first date. Smartphones are way too distracting, especially when people are texting you or messaging you on social media. If your date sees you continuously checking your phone, it will look as though you’re disinterested and ready to leave. It’s important to be very attentive on the first date, so you can be rewarded with a second one.

Going on a first date with someone you really like should be light and fun. Follow these tips to minimize distractions and improve your growing relationship.

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