A Guide About Different Types Of Golf Clubs and Their Uses

Many a times, golfers decide to purchase new golf clubs without thinking about the various aspects of them that may help or spoil their games. It is vital to do homework before heading to a sporting goods store for buying the golf clubs. Golf clubs are the most important tools in a golf game, used to strike the golf ball. The three main components of a golf club are the head, the shaft and the grip. The head is where the energy of the swing transfers to, the grip (usually made of leather, rubber and other materials) is what the player holds onto while swinging the club and the shaft (generally made of steel or carbon-resin) connects the grip to the head of the club.

Nowadays, a variety of golf clubs are available for players to choose from. The clubs are designed to hit the ball at varying distances and come with varied degrees of loft to get the ball into the air. Below mentioned are the different types of golf clubs and their uses, have a look:

Wood: A must have for every golfer; wood clubs are great for hitting long distances. Once, the head of this type of golf clubs are actually made of wood, which gave the club its name. However, nowadays, these clubs are made from metals like steel, titanium and various other alloys. The head of a wood club is large and curved with a flat bottom to slide over the ground during the course of a shot. For beginners, the driver is called a 1-wood. Fairway woods like irons are progressive; i.e., a 3-wood has more loft and will go farther than a 5-wood, and so on.

Irons: Irons are typically used for hitting shots from the fairway to the green. They typically come in long (2-4), medium (5-7) and short (8-9) and mostly used for chipping shots. The heads of these clubs are usually thin on the front and back, passing on a spin on the ball. These clubs generally come in two categories- cavity back or blades. In the cavity back style, the rear is hollowed out or has a curved face, whereas, a blade style features a full back on the rear of the head.

Wedges: As compared to irons, wedges come with a higher degree of loft. The heads of this type of clubs usually come in a varying degree of bounce. The different types of wedges are- wedges with lofts ranging from 45° to 64°, pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and ultra lob wedge.

At Lago mar Fort Lauderdale, golfers are free to choose which clubs they want to carry in their bag. However, the rules of golf may limit the total number of clubs that can be carried during a match.

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