The Birth In The Barn

The festive mood of Christmas has set in its roots deep in all the people worldwide and the celebrations and preparations of the rejoice of the day of birth of Christ has already started in full swing. From the preparation of a delicious Christmas cake, to the singing of delightful Christmas carols in homes and churches, prayers and masses are being conducted in churches and cathedrals all over the world. Christmas as celebrated on 25th December witnesses people in cheer, enjoying the colorful festivities with their near ones and dear ones. A huge Christmas tree is decorated with all kinds of lights, stars and bells are put on it. Children eagerly anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus who is a huge old red man, who brings in all kinds of the choicest gifts for children on Christmas. Gifts and greetings are shared among family members and relatives. Everyone is found in a gay mood, rejoicing the birth of the God’s son, Jesus Christ who brings with him a new reincarnation of life, with the dawn of Christmas and a new year.

The Christmas decorations are never incomplete without a Christmas crib, or a nativity scene that depicts the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a kind of special exhibition showing infant Christ in his mother, Virgin Mary’s hands with Joseph, his father in a barn or cave that housed farm animals. Animals as sheep and donkey were depicted in the scene It also depicts the presence of angels and the Magi. It takes its inspiration from the stories of Christ’s birth in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. The Christmas crib had first been used by St. Francis of Assisi who displayed such a decoration in Assisi on the eve of Christmas, dated back in 1293. He wanted to enact the way Christ was born in the town of Bethlehem, in the hands of the Virgin Mary in the small barn. He gave a sermon in the church to the people of Assisi. As history says, that after the sermon, St. Francis went to the crib and opened up his arms and the Holy child came in his arms. Such was so done because of the love and devotion he had for God and his child, the Christ. The hall was filled with the radiance of the infant Christ.

Through such an idea, the news spread all over and the Christmas cribs were displayed in places as early as Germany and Italy. Soon it spread to all places and now, it is a must in places where Christmas is celebrated. Nativity scenes have been uniquely decorated with much ado and displayed in homes, churches and all places during the season of Christmas. Nativity scenes are depicted in various homes. They come in sizes as well, some being as large as a life size portrait and some being tiny. But all of them look very beautiful and depict the way; Christ was born in the small town of Bethlehem. Cribs have been shown the way as described in the Gospels and the way St. Francis of Assisi had designed it long back. Though changes have been made here and there, but yet the original form of the crib retains its form. There are some Christmas carols even that mention the ribs depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is arriving soon! Is your crib ready yet?

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