Since Nike has advertised massively on its running shoes, running has been a quite popular these days. This is due to the effect of the running itself which is highly advantageous for our body. A regular running can increase our stamina as well as our fitness level. If we happen to do daily job on weekdays then running can help us a lot in maintaining our health whilst keeping ourselves busy with a day to day tasks.  Either we are running on jogging track or on our living area, there are basically some advices that may become handy for the running. This is due to some people who are not running in the proper way which can easily causes negative consequences. Although it seems simple, these advices are effective for us who want to turn our running into good benefits such as increasing our stamina and maintaining our health into a top level. So, take a quick note on these advices!

  1. First thing to do is to know our fitness base level. It is very crucial since each person has its own fitness base level. If we happen to have a fitness base level that is below the average then running for 10 km non-stop is clearly a suicide. On the other hand, if we happen to have an excellent fitness base level then walking won’t be too effective. Therefore, if we are just starting to run then it is recommended to take a walk first and then begin to run slowly but on a long distance. Well, other activities may also work in order to get our physical endurance to be higher since running requires a good physical endurance.
  2. Getting decent running shoes should be the second list to do. Yes, it is totally worth to spend our money to get a decent pair of shoes. Nike or Adidas can be a good option for a pair of running shoes since its shoes are perfectly designed to make our running more effective and comfortable. There are also some running shoes which are equipped with running meter which can actually measure the distance that we have covered whilst running. So, getting ready for the running shoes by getting the most comfortable running shoes for us to wear.
  1. Warming up is also crucial before we start running. This is true since without warming up, our muscles can be “surprised” with the sudden running which can cause strain or other bad consequences. Injuries which are caused by no warming up are common for amateurs that have just started hence don’t do running unless we have warmed up our body with little exercises beforehand.
  1. Relaxed stance is what you need to do whilst running. The main purpose is to make the muscles to be getting used to with the running hence it won’t cause any injuries. Trying to keep both arms and shoulders loose is also another way to do the relaxed stance.

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