The Best Foods To Eat When Recovering From Surgery

When you’re recovering from surgery, you need to make sure that you are being careful with what you are eating to aid your recovery. Whether you’ve had a breast augmentation Manchester based or a knee replacement in London, be considerate of your diet and your body will thank you for it. Just make sure that you pay attention to your surgeon first and foremost, as they will be able to provide specialist advice.


Lean Protein

The first food in our list of the best to help you with your surgery recovery is lean protein. Protein is absolutely vital for the body, even more so after surgery, as it helps to repair body tissues, form antibodies to fight off infection and also to produce collagen which is needed to form scars and heal wounds in a healthy manner. 

Lean protein sources include chicken, turkey, white fish, dairy, tofu, beans and legumes. The general rule is to aim to eat one gram of protein for every pound you weigh as an estimation! When you eat enough protein, you are likely to feel so much more energised and healthy as a result. 



Next up we have berries, which are packed with vitamin C and E. Both of these vitamins are full of antioxidants, which help the body to recover, to manage cell damage and to improve the strength of the collagen in your body. So, incorporating berries into your diet can be really beneficial. 

One of the best ways to eat your berries is to take frozen berries in a smoothie blender cup along with half of a banana, a splash of apple juice, water to create your desired consistency and a tablespoon of chia seeds. This is a really delicious and refreshing smoothie that is really great for you. 



Another great way to get some much needed nutrients in your body is with soups! Aim to eat lots of different coloured soups, like a green broccoli soup, an orange butternut squash and red pepper soup, a colourful minestrone soup or a vibrant tomato and basil soup. You could make big batches in advance before your surgery if you are able to, so you can simply defrost your freezer bags with the soup in and have healthy, delicious and nutritious meals on hand. Eating a variety of nutrients is really important to help with recovery from surgery to support your major bodily functions, which is made easier when you are eating plenty of soups.


Replace Processed Foods With Whole Foods

The best piece of overall advice we can give you when it comes to your diet is that you should replace processed food with whole foods. Basically, buy ingredients as fresh as possible, like eating oranges instead of drinking orange juice from concentrate, eating a baked potato instead of oven chips from a bag and eating seasoned chicken breasts instead of chicken nuggets.

Whole foods are filled with so many more nutrients that are going to be so much better for your body, including everything from your brain to your gut. They are also likely to be higher in fibre, which helps to prevent constipation which can cause issues when recovering from surgery. 

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