The 15 AgTech Startups That NXTP Labs Wants To Bring To The Next Level

NXTP Labs started the activities of its AgTech 2017 Acceleration Program with startups from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia.

Recognized Latin American investment fund NXTP Labs begun the activities of its AgTech 2017 Acceleration Program which is an initiative to detect the most disruptive startups in the region to bring innovation to producers, seedlings and traders.

After receiving more than 130 applications from various parts of Latin America, NXTP Labs selected the first 15 startups from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia to participate in their mentoring, workshops, trainings, meetings with corporations and other activities designed to make these companies step up to the next level.

These are the 15 startups selected:

Agropool (Argentina): It allows agricultural producers to organize themselves in groups to make joint purchases of inputs with significant discounts.

Albor (Argentina): Integral Management web tool for agricultural companies complemented with mobile, multi-company and multilingual apps.

Avancargo (Argentina): On-demand platform for contracting freight transport by road. Technology solution for freight lenders and transporters. (Uruguay): Development of robotic and software tools for market-leading commercial drones with the objective of improving production management activities in agriculture.

Livestock 360 (Uruguay): Web platform for the direct marketing of cattle among producers, making the process more efficient.

Grou (Colombia): Helping small farmers to grow, bridging the gap between agricultural production and urban demand by using an online sales channel to market their products.

Laurus (Argentina): Robotized urban agriculture company that create networks of crops distributed throughout the cities and their surroundings.

NegoAgro (Uruguay): Web app with cattle stock control system and service platform with marketplace.

Trails (Argentina): Geographic information services applied to agricultural production that allow a more efficient production, improve yields and take care of the use of resources.

Rizoma (Uruguay): It is a company that provides technological solutions that facilitate traceability, management and monitoring in agricultural areas.

Siembro (Argentina): Online Market of Agro-credits.

Spacedat (Peru): Digital platform for agricultural management based on drones captured with integration along with other technological applications that allow farmers to optimize the use of resources and maximize their profits.

The Food Market (Argentina): Online market for direct purchase from local producers.

TuCampo (Uruguay): The Airbnb del Campo is a marketplace for the supply and demand of agricultural services.

ZHU (Uruguay): Works for the development of the “bamboo ecosystem” in Uruguay region. It is an enterprise based on sustainable production, balanced with the environment and social welfare.

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