Thailand: Place To Live A Peaceful Life

Thailand is one of those countries that is always on the list of people who are looking to take a break from their busy schedule. There are quite a few reasons associated with this that make it the favorite choice for tourists all around the globe. Be it the amazing landscapes, national parks, exotic beaches, all these are enough to make a person make in love with the country. Due to this, a number of people all around the world are considering Thailand as the best place to retire and purchase a property in Thailand to live rest of their life in a peaceful manner.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the reasons that make Thailand the perfect place to live a peaceful life.

Low Living Cost

When compared with all the well developed countries of the World, Thailand is rated as one of the most affordable among all of them. Being cheap doesn’t mean that it lacks in any way of the facilities that are available for the inhabitants. The capital city, Bangkok is rated as a modern metropolitan city and is at par with the developed cities of North America and Europe. However, the cost of living is nowhere close to these cities. Economical public transportation services, a cheap rate of commodities and affordable property rates are the main reasons as to why expats consider settling down in the city.

Rich Culture

Thailand as a country is open to the outside World. Any person visiting the country for the first time will experience a welcoming feeling. The people of this country have their own unique approach towards life. The beautiful architecture, phenomenal food and influence of Buddhism can be seen all around Thailand. Each city will offer you its own unique experiences. Being an expat, you will instantly fall in love in whichever Thai city you decide to live in. There are very fewer places around the World that can offer you such diverse experiences.

Good Transportation Services

Thailand has a well spread out train system that connects most of the important cities together. Talking about Bangkok, there is an underground metro system and a sky train system. Along with this, buses, rickshaws (tuk-tuks) and taxis are readily available. These sources of transportation are enough for traveling from one city to another. Irrespective of the mode of transportation you choose, the cost that a person has to bear is an affordable one.

Friendly Local People

When a person lands in a foreign land the immediate worry faced by him is regarding the nature of people he would have to deal with. However, in Thailand, an expat doesn’t have to worry about this aspect. Thai people have a friendly nature and are well mannered. All those people who land in Thailand for the first time are provided with whatever assistance that is needed. Seeing the open heartedness and hospitality of the Thai people, the country is often called as “Land of Smiles”.

Safe & Secure

Thailand has always been regarded as a safe destination for the tourists and the local people. There is hardly any news of violence that are reported. The main reason behind this is the strong influence of Buddhism and its principles that are followed by the Thia people. Yes, the nightlife of a few cities of Thailand has always been news for the wrong reason, however, until and unless a person indulges in something, he won’t be affected by it.

In The End

The points mentioned above are only a few of the reasons at that make Thailand a perfect place to live in. A number of expats have already made their way to the country and have decided to spend the rest of their life over here. So, if you are among those who want to make their life after retirement a peaceful one, then you must definitely consider Thailand.


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