Bring The Kids To Wonder When Visiting Salt Lake City

Catching the Don Giovanni show, fetching fresh farm food or simply biking around the beautiful wilderness of Utah? What’s your pick? And where are the infants going to enjoy the most?

Art, music, food, events, you name it, Salt Lake City has so much to offer, you won’t want to miss any of it. It is one of the most underrated destinations when it comes to an entertaining vacation.

Here are some options where kids will have a memorable holiday in SLC UT…

Clark Planetarium 

This futuristic educational experience has a lot of pros, but the biggest one arguably is the fact that it allows all its visitors free entry all 365 days of the year. The only bit one needs to carry cash for is the hunger pangs. If you want to catch one of the shows on stars or one at the Imax, you’re welcome.

Two most interesting features of this place: get to watch metal balls flowing through Newton’s Daydream and check your weight across various planets. You can imagine how the kids will not want to leave! It is one of the most fun and interactive ways in which to see your kids engaged with something educational, while you get to relive a childhood that was perhaps never experienced in this manner.

Natural History Museum of Utah

This is one of the best places to learn about the state you will be visiting. One of the nicest parts of the museum is it gives people an understanding of how Utah progressed in the last 500 million years. There are various interpretive and interactive informative experiences, which teach us a lot about history and science of the region. Kids get to know about dinosaurs and also experience what earthquakes feel like. The more active kids can also explore a three-storey indoor canyon.

Liberty Park

Which kid doesn’t like going to a park! Imagine walking into the largest public park in SLC that opens its lush green grounds of over 80 acres to the public on a regular basis. The Tracy Aviary also calls this park its home and it houses more than 400 of 135 endangered species of birds within its boundaries. Children have the option of going to one of the various play areas or take a dip in the pool, while adults have the added option of using the nearby outdoor sports courts. There are umpteen refreshing experiences for people of all ages and the best part is it does not cost a dime!

Meet the Animals at the City’s Local Zoo

The local zoo is known as the Hogle Zoo and one of the most visited attractions in SLC. It is home to many rare animals, encompassing more than 42 acres. More than 900 types of wildlife are looked after here. Their habitats are arranged according to the regions of their origins and natural surroundings their ancestors were used to. One example is the African Savanna, where there are grasslands featuring some of Africa’s native species like ostriches, zebras and giraffes amongst others. Many animal shows are held on a regular basis and they are amongst the star features of this place. You will also find a floor-to-ceiling glass viewing window for lions and a deck where visitors come face to face with giraffes.

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

The former Children’s Museum of Utah got a complete makeover and a spanking new address in the Gateway shopping center, right in the heart of downtown, when it moved base in 2006. It is spread over a massive 60,000 sq. feet space and has a museum where kids and their families can engage themselves in various workshops or experience life in a farm or as a construction worker. There is a 30-feet long beehive as well for people to experience but definitely not touch. One of the things most enjoyed by kids is the simulated helicopter flying and pilot rescue experience.

One of the main reasons SLC sees visitors swarming in throughout the year is the fact that there are loads of options for families, and that include kids as you just saw. If you are traveling with your little ones, the number of entertainment options just makes sure nobody gets worried about their boredom and subsequent tantrums. Visit here to know the theaters in salt lake city!

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