Technological Advancements In The Marketing Industry That You Can’t Do Without

Businesses prosper and flourish through effective and worthwhile communication. It strengthens the productivity of the organizations and lets people know about one another. Technological advancements like social media, Internet, mobile phones and customer relationship management systems affect the way in which companies and businesses communicate with their potential customers. The new forms of communication are hence changing the type of marketing strategy and also the media landscape that the companies use.

Technological Advancements In The Marketing Industry That You Can’t Do Without

Different inventions have changed the face of the advertising and the marketing industry and it will continue to do so at an increasing rate. The creation of new forms of media from radio to TV to internet has caused the birth of new strategies and tools to help firms create their optimal marketing performance. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on the different technological advancements that you simply can’t do without.

  1. The social media: Most marketers and advertisers were always on the desperately looking forward to tracking the interesting “word of mouth” phenomenon which affected the brands so heavily. It is only through the social media that marketers can monitor over the conversations that consumers are having online. Some ace marketers have found out through the social media that while 15% of people trust advertisements, 80% of them trust recommendations from customers. Hence social media has shifted the conversation so much so that the consumers now have a lot of control over the brands.
  2. Advertising based on interest: Behavioral targeting or interest-based advertising allows advertising to be even more relevant, as according to the interest of the customer. In fact, this kind of technological advancement has given the industry a certain level of precision. This usually comes with a level of alert as the customers remain worried about being watched on the web. In fact, there are institutions that released self-regulatory principles to safeguard the consumer privacy.
  3. Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization, as we all know about it, is the most cost-effective ways of attracting customers on the interest. Research reveals that almost two-thirds of search times, people look at only the first page of the search results and that the users rarely look beyond the 10th SEO is a way to make sure that the consumers who are searching the web easily find your website’s result.
  4. Online video: YouTube and Hulu are some of the video-on-demand sites and their arrival has signalled a massive change within the marketing industry. Now people look at the web for entertainment and the advertisers devoted their dollars to take benefit of the ever-increasing world of online video. Viral videos have contributed in turning ordinary people into big brand ambassadors by making their videos go viral. This is hence being called another online venue to measuring target advertising.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the different advancements in technology in the marketing industry that is creating a difference, you can take into account the above mentioned points. To know more on the technological advancements in the manufacturing industry, you may check out

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