Summer Driving Tips from Mazda

Summers are pleasurable for the colder countries, but things get serious in tropical areas. As a result, the driving tips for summers won’t be the same for all.  But one thing is mostly common for all, and that is lengthy road trips.

Here are few such things to follow as shared by the dealers from Mazda of Henderson. Include a set of instructions, where equal care and preparation needs to be allocated for both the car and its occupants. Here’s how things should progress:

Check if the car has enough room for all:

When a trip is on the cards, the final number of people who are joining might remain a mystery till the last minute. For that we need to keep a couple of place elastic to accommodate all. For that purpose, it is necessary to check if the car selected for the trip has enough room to comfortably place all of them. This also means the cargo place that should be able to carry all the luggage and yet not get overloaded.

Checking out the Fluid Levels

The next important thing to check without fail is the level of fluids in the car. This includes the engine oil, the brake oil and the coolant. This will keep the car lubricated and none of the parts would dry up and make them work hard. Moreover, as the outside temperature is going to rise, the car needs to remain cool and only then the internal parts of the car would be able to provide an optimum level of performance.

Keep Checking the Tire Pressures

The tires are the parts that are directly responsible for an unrestricted mobility of the car. To ensure a smooth ride without a puncture or loosening of any of them, check the tire pressures before you start and keep checking them after a continuous drive of four hours.

Do Not Let the Car Get Overheated

As explained by the Valley Mazda dealer experts, in summers, the probability of the car getting overheated increases. This becomes more severe a problem in tropical countries. Keeping the overall car temperature cool becomes a challenge in such hot places. But it isn’t impossible either. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Carry with you a sufficient stock of coolant, engine oil and brake oil.
  • Keep the AC on and off in regular intervals to let some fresh air in and allow the Air Conditioner to rest for a while.
  • Do not drive the car more than a couple of hours at a stretch.

Keep Your Car Well-Stocked Throughout the Drive

Here is a list of must haves which you should not forget behind:

  • Phone and car charger along with Bluetooth and power banks to keep yourself connected.
  • Enough quantity of Drinking Water, Cold Beverages and Fruits to keep yourself safe from dehydration. This will also help the driver to stay awake and attentive.
  • A First-aid kit is must to take care of injuries at the first level.

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