Starting to Run

Starting to Run

The important of exercise has been ignored by many people. It is because sports are so hard to do and it will make you exhausted. For some people who do not exercise regularly, sports could be painful for the after effects. But, if you are interesting to start running, you should do it with a plan, especially if you are a beginner. For starter, you could do the seven-week plan. It will lead you to run for 30 minutes straight. But, before you are running, you should do warm up for five minutes. And then, after that, you cool down for five minutes. The seven-week plan to be a runner should be done regularly every week and you need to do it three times per week. The pace which you will through for this running plan is simple. It is generally the combination of walking and running.

The seven-week plan

The first week of starting to run can be started by running for two minutes and walking for two minutes. You repeat the running and walking for two minutes each three times. Total, you will run for six minutes and total workout session is 12 minutes.

On the second week, you add your running times and it becomes three minutes. The interval between two sessions of running is walking for two minutes. You repeat the running and walking for three times. This week, your running time is 9 minutes and total workout time is 15 minutes, in a day.

The third week, you will do running for four minutes and walk for two minutes. You will repeat it for three times. The total running time is 12 minutes and your total workout is 18 minutes each day.

On the fourth week, you double your running time from last week. You do running for 8 minutes and walking for three minutes. You only need to repeat it twice. Your running time for a day will be 16 minutes and the total workout is about 22 minutes.

The fifth week, you will need to run for 10 minutes and walk for three minutes. You do that twice each day. Then, you will be running for 20 minutes and thetotal workout is about 26 minutes each day.

The sixth-week session should be started with running for 15 minutes and walking for three minutes. You repeat it twice. Your running time for this week will be 30 minutes and total workout time is 36 minutes.

On the seventh week, you only need to run for 30 minutes without walking as aninterval. After this week, your running routine should not be stopped. You still need to do that three times a week. Besides that, the running session will be at least for 30 minutes each day when it is your workout schedule. Doing the running exercise should not be every day. You could do that once in two days. Then, you will not think that the exercise takes a lot of time.

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