Thai boxing or some people may refer it as Muay Thai is a brand of fighting sport which roots in Thailand. It is basically a fighting sport which uses hands and legs to deliver deadly attacks in form of combos mostly. Thai boxing is known for its vicious attacks, fast attack speed, and deadly knock outs which make it worth to watch. Nowadays, this fighting sport has been used in many occasions especially in the MMA match where Thai boxing is used as a combination with other fighting style. In MMA match, Thai boxing is usually used to knock down the opponent fast rather than for fighting a long fight. This is because fighting whilst adapting to Thai Boxing techniques requires lots of energies especially when it comes to combo attacks. Therefore, using the techniques effectively is the key before we are running out of stamina. However, the problem comes when we are too bust with our daily activities where going to Thai boxing training camp is a bit impossible. In here, we are going to give some tips on how to do Thai boxing from home, so let’s take a note!

  1. The first part to do for having a proper Thai boxing training is to do warming up. Yes, it is similar with other sports where warming up is very essential in order to keep the muscles stretched. However, the difference is the type of warming up where in Thai boxing, there are three exercises that are needed to be done before getting to the next step. Those exercises are stretching & mobility (comes in one package), jump rope, and also shadow box. The intensity of each exercise depends on our fitness base level but the average intensity is 15 minutes stretching, 8 minutes jump rope, and also 9 minutes shadow box.
  1. After we have done all the exercises which is a must for anyone who want to train Thai boxing from home, the next step to be done is the heavy bag work. Now this is when the training intensifies where it requires lots of energies to finish this step. The first work to be done is 50 push kicks (the intensity can be decreased depends on our fitness level). The next work to be done is 50 roundhouse kicks for each leg. In this work, make sure that we hit three parts which resemble leg, body, and head of our opponents. Many aspects that can be improved by maximizing in this step such as power, speed, and also endurance.
  1. The last thing to be done is freestyle. This last part is basically trained our ability to combine and deliver combos by using both our hands and kicks. Whilst a normal Thai boxing match lasts for five rounds, this freestyle session should also follow the same amount. Using shadow box of punching bag to practice this step is basically the same but make sure to control our stamina for lasting for five rounds.

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