Solar Rebates Drop The Cost Of Solar Power

If you decide that you want to install a solar panel system on your home, then you might be able to qualify for a Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). The government issues these when a consumer chooses to pay for a panel and the installation of it on their home.

In addition to the SRES’s that are available, there are a small number of Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) that are available in some areas of Australia. STC’s have value that you can trade that reduces the cost of the solar panels. It’s not a rebate any longer, but it will help you to save on the cost of your solar power.

Solar Rebates Drop The Cost Of Solar Power

How Much is a STC Certificate Worth?

Each area of Australia will have a different amount the STC certificates are worth. Depending on where you are and which STC’s you qualify for will determine how much you can save.

The certificate value is based off of how what kW solar power system installed. If you have a 1kW installed you will save one amount, 2kW will increase your savings and so on. The higher the kW, the greater the value of the STC certificate.

You will need to check with the companies in your area and see what is available to you. Do research before committing to the installation so you know what to expect.

What is the Benefit of Offering a Solar Rebate?

There are great benefits to both consumers, installers, and the national government regarding solar panel rebates. When a solar panel consumer can receive anywhere from 10%-20% off the regular price of their PV installation, it gives customers the incentive to have the installation done sooner rather than later.

The solar panel installation company receives also some benefits, because they have consistent jobs in their community created for them. It is much easier to get solar panel customers when they know that their patrons will receive real cash back that they do not have to cover themselves.

Also, local government benefits from consumers choosing to have these solar panel installations made. This helps them meet their environmental mandates placed on them by the federal government.

How Are Solar Rebates Calculated?

The basic formula for figuring out solar rebates is kW x location x 15 years x value

A kW is the size of the solar power system. The location in which you live is factored into the equation. Clean energy is based off of 15 years worth of production. The value is what the certificate can be sold for on the market.

Solar panels are much more affordable now than they have ever been before. Find more information around solar rebates in your area.

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