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Right from 1993, its inception the International Tax and Investment Center has emphasized for employment of open and fair trade practices under global economic systems supported by healthy and consistent business policies. The Washington based autonomously administered group is a nonprofit enterprise that offers specialist solutions for tax reformation, consistent tax structure and fair trade policies which can motivate investors, benefit nation and bring forth wellbeing in common human life. ITIC believes strongly that when it comes to global advancement, each nation should think of the issue and great care and should come forward with a positive view for comprehensive development.


Key services offered by the experts of The International Tax and Investment Center Tobacco include

  • Offering client nations with objective based tax solutions and reformation of tax policies keeping consistency with changing economical scenario; the solutions are found through comprehensive study and research of existing tax structure and business policies by a group of expert analysts, researchers and tax administrators. The group is also equipped with consultants with in-depth knowledge in different industries;
  • Focused on an assortment of program relating to tax structure including Value Added Taxes, GST or Indirect Taxes which can influence both trade and investment; The group considers the employment potential areas and offers solutions to inspire overseas investors;
  • Supporting affiliate countries and all stakeholders with superior standard of advisory that can are rooted through globally established healthy business practices and policies; helping client counties to stay away from illegal business practices that significantly damage inland economy by affecting government revenue.

Regardless of whether its public authorities or private stakeholders, all associates of ITIC that obtained its services has been benefited significantly by the community people for last 20 years. Among these benefited stakeholders of the International Tax and Investment Center there are Ministry of Finance, Republic of Ghana; Fiscal and Monetary Affairs Departments, Republic of Kenya; His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, President-Republic of Kazakhstan to name a few. When it concerns the private stakeholders, one can find Mr. William Morris, Director of international Tax Policy, General Electric; Senior Vice President – Global Tax, Unilever; Mr. Peter Seka, General Counsel, MARS, Inc and more in ITIC’s clientele.

Whereas the group of people in International Tax and Investment Center Tobacco has been committed to assist its associates in earning significant business growth, investment-friendly environment, encouraging employment possibilities and shared wellness, the group believes that only by advancing open and fair trade ideologies these can be attainable in ease. Nevertheless, attainment of these objectives demands openness, transparency and sincerity in the thoughts and activities of public and private enterprises. In this context, the introduction of ITIC’s unbiased platform Neutral Table can help stakeholders to think of mechanisms like tax modification which can bring growth and prosperity throughout the world. The International Tax and Investment Center is quite pleased to the internationally famed organizations including International Monetary Fund, World Customs Organization, and Organization for Economic Cooperation and World Bank for their continuous support to the group since its commencement.

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