Skin Brightening For A Problematic Skin Tones

Beauty is now associated with light skinned people. This has driven many to conduct skin brightening procedures.However the process does not end well for everyone. Whether or not to lighten your skin should be a major decision to be made with all the factors factored in; side effects, possible outcomes i.e. desired and undesired and the consequences to be faced.

Skin Brightening For A Problematic Skin Tones

How they Work?

Skin brightening procedures work by removing the pigmented areas: dark spots on your skin. Their use is aimed at ensuring you have an even toned skin and a smooth complexion. It moisturizes your skin and protects it from the sun. It works by blocking or preventing melanin production by the skin, reducing its amounts and eliminating your natural skin color. Melanin is the element in your skin that gives you your color and complexion.

Skin brightening procedure may involve application of skin brightening creams to your skin or use of the laser element. Skin brightening creams are applied to the skin and allowed time to penetrate and be absorbed in to the skin. The ingredients in the creams are active agents that are used to block melanin cells from producing melanin.

The laser element uses a laser which is passed over your skin for brightening. The laser destroy the melanin producing cells as they are passed ensuring melanin production does not take place. It is a more thorough procedure but it is also a bit painful.

Brightened skin requires a lot of care. The skin brightening procedure blocks melanin production but the natural sun rays encourage melanin production. Importance of sunscreen  to protection against the sun rays such as sunscreen must be worn all the times less risk getting your skin color back.

How safe are they?

Skin brightening processes and procedures safety is not guaranteed. The procedures and the agents used must be suitable for you. Seek a doctor’s advice before carrying out the skin brightening procedures. Know the side effects and the possible outcomes of the procedures. Read instructions before use. Go through other people’s experiences with the same procedure for more insight before deciding on the process you want to carry out to brighten and lighten your skin.

Skin Type

Skin brightening agents that are used in the procedures are manufactured specifically for certain skin types e.g. oily, dry, dark, or a combination of the skin types. It is important to know your skin type for easy selection of the best skin brightening procedure and agent to use.A combination of the skin types requires special care during the skin brightening procedures.

Side Effects

There are major and minor side effects that are associated with the skin brightening processes and procedures. The minor side effects include; inflammation or swelling of the skin, irritation and itchiness, blistering etc. these effects are reversible with time.

The other major effects include; thinning out of the skin resulting in the visibility of your blood capillaries, excessive brightening of your skin making you look too light or too dark and kidney failure. Some of these effects are as a result of the ingredients used e.g. mercury and hydroquinone.


Skin brightening procedure should be carried out as a medical procedure. You may succeed in lightening your skin and no side effects. Think carefully before engaging in this process.

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