Proper Nutrition Tips for Kids

You have active kids that enjoy sports so much – well, good for you and them! However, you also need to remember that kids are growing and they tend to have different nutritional requirements that are different from you. When your kids are active, be sure to pay attention to their nutritional needs.

Having Enough Fluid Matters

You need to remember that kids are prone to heat illness, especially when they have to spend a great deal outdoor or under the sun. Not to mention that kids are easily thirsty and they may need a constant fluid intake. When compared to adults, kids need to drink more often.

  • You should provide enough water for them.
  • In some intense training or practices (like football, soccer, or cross country), you should give them sports drink so they can stay hydrated. These sports drink can prevent fatigue – not to mention that they are refreshing. Studies show that this kind of water is better than the regular water. However, if you don’t want your kids to be obese, limit the intake. It’s okay if they consume this drink only during practice but forbid them from consuming the drink on a daily basis –especially if they want to drink it every time.
  • It’s okay to set up a drinking schedule too. When they have a practice, ask them to drink once every 20 minutes to prevent light dehydration.

Maintain Their Nutrition

Your kids are developing so giving them dietary supplements is a big no-no. Why should they be on a diet, anyway? Such products aren’t exactly safe or effective for kids. If you don’t want to harm them, it is better to avoid such products.

Focus on their consumption and the proper nutrition. If they can consume green veggies and fruits on a daily basis, it is good for them. Have a balanced nutritious intake.

Other Small Things that Matter

If you care about their well-being, here are some ways to support them:

  • Your kids should have optimized muscle recovery. Their young muscles need to recover so make sure that they consume high protein food or drink before and after the exercise. If you want to follow it up with high carbs consumption, it is good for them too.
  • Don’t forget that your kids also need fuel and energy for the activities. Have the pre-exercise meal so they aren’t hungry during the practice.
  • If your kids have a sports competition, it would be better if you can give them high carbs meal accompanied by moderate protein and low-fat foods. Don’t forget about their liquid needs too. For instance, you can consider having a portion of pasta with chicken and veggies, cereal, fruits, milk, toast, and juice the night before the competition. You can serve such meal arrangement 2 hours before the competition.
  • Focus on protein intake and carbs as they can be a great source of energy and fuel. If your kids are active and you want to maintain their good health, these consumptions are important. Avoid processed foods and junk foods.


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