SEO Myths: Are You Doing The Same Mistake?

Search Engine Optimization has spread its wings all over the online IT industry. And with the time, study of SEO has gone vast. Moreover, within couple of months gap, you would discover something new in the SEO or complete changes SEO trend. So, you have to keep yourself update with the new trends else you would lost and could be hunt by the SEO Myths. And below we have listed few of the prominent myths that people have for the SEO.

SEO is No More Alive:

In the past two years, SEO suffered from lots of changes and many people lost their branding and the search engine presence because of the loss in the rankings. And after happening things, few people have stop believing that something exists like SEO. But believe us, it is still there and it is playing a major role in the Search Engines. SEO is still alive but it got another soul which tougher and not easy to crack.

SEO Myths: Are You Doing The Same Mistake?

SEO is Complex and Difficult:

Well, if you don’t know a thing and you are trying it for the first time then you would definitely discover that thing as difficult or complex and similar is with the SEO too. If you have ever achieved results with SEO, for the second project you won’t find the SEO to be difficult, the reason is very simple and human phycology is also playing a good role in this. Our view regarding SEO is, it is not very easy and it is not difficult. It exists somewhere moderate between easy and difficult.

Link Building is Dead:

After various Google Algo updates in the past years. Many experts commented that link building is no more the correct way for ranking, but it is still the most important factor in the SEO. Better your links would be, better would be yoru SEO or rankings of your site. But you have to be very careful while making backlinks for your site because Google got glasses in its eye and now everything is visible to Google.

Your Site Would Rank Naturally:

Yes, it is true up to some extent but if you would not move your hands to take water to your mouth then it will not reach and similar is happening with the SEO. If you won’t optimize the chances for natural ranking is very low (if your site don’t have authority). So, if you have made your website and left somewhere and waiting for its rankings, then you are hunted by the SEO Myth.

Well, these are few of the myths that are running the online business, so you must overcome it very soon, or else choose some good company for SEO services in Kerala and enjoy the best service at your convenience. Also, while choosing the service make sure that service provider is aware about the SEO Myths or not, or be ready to face something worst for your site.

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