See Spain On Foot: Trek Through The Alpujarra Mountains and Beyond

Probably one of the most beautiful countries to explore in Europe is Spain. If you are already a walking enthusiast, you will become even more enthused when you take a trip to the country and observe all its natural wonders up close. A hiking holiday in the country permits visitors to explore some one-of-a-kind trails and see the Spanish mainland as well as the Canary Islands and Balearic Isles.

Therefore, Spain is an exciting walking destination as it boasts geographical and cultural diversity. Walkers and hikers can see the country’s mountains, shores, castles, and vineyards first-hand. Some of the hikes allow you to see all these captivating features during one trip.

Trekking Through the Alpujarra Region

One of the popular self-guided tours in Spain features a trek through the Alpujarra region, which is an area that lies south of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This nestled area is made up of gorges and valleys that run down to the Mediterranean Sea. If you choose this particular walking tour, it normally is available from the first of April to the 30th of October.

Exploring the Andalusia Region

You might also like spending time exploring the Andalusia region, which spans between Cordoba and Granada. This specific walking tour is offered over eight nights and is available starting on the first of March through the 31st of October.

Walking Through Northern Spain

Visitors also like visiting northern Spain, which is a home to self-guided walks along a historical footpath which is called Camin Real de la Mesa. This major route leads from Asturias to the Spanish Meseta.

An Excursion along the Saint James Way

You can spend a longer time walking by choosing a walk along the Saint James Way, or the Camino De Santiago. Walking holidays in Spain such as this trip are featured in seven- and 14-day durations. So, if you want to take more time on your journey, this may be the trip for you.

Visiting the French-Spanish Coast

If you would like to explore the French-Spanish coastline, then plan to take a walking tour of the Catalonia and Languedoc area. This walking tour, which lasts six nights, allows visitors to experience the warmth of the Mediterranean sunshine whilst admiring the Pyrenees. You can also explore the coast on either side of the Franco-Spanish border.

An Easy Walk for Beginners or Newbies

Another popular favourite is the self-guided walk along the Catalan Coast, or more specifically, Costa Brava. This is an easy walk which is available from the first of March until the 27th of June and is also offered again from the first of September to the 21st of October. If you have never been on a holiday walking tour before, this is a good choice as you can become acclimated much better to the activity. As the walk is not difficult, it can help you become accustomed to this type of activity and prepare you for more involved future treks.

Touring the Picos

If you have always wanted to explore the Picos Mountains, you can also take this trip on foot. The PIcos de Europa are definitely the most impressive mountains in the country. Emerging from a coastal landscape, the mountains separate the greenery of northern Spain from the more dry and arid terrain of the Castille.

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