Save Your New LG from Damages

Everybody knows at least one person who has one of those phones – the ones covered in battle scars, looking about 200 years old even though they only just got it a few months ago. Maybe you are that person. If so, then you know how embarrassing it can be to pull out your beat up device and show off its damage. When it’s the latest model from LG, then it’s twice as humiliating. A phone that was released in April has no business looking like it’s been put through the ringer.

It doesn’t matter if it was bad luck or careless handling that caused these blemishes. What matters is that your phone has collected more than its fair share of damage. Now you need something that will hide your indiscretions without concealing the design-forward modular technology of the G5. Cases that sit around the entirety of the phone and imprison the detachable bottom bezel aren’t an option. When you need something will enhance the innovative modularity of the G5, you’ve got to go with a flexible G5 skin.

Save Your New LG from Damages

Also known as a wrap, a skin adheres to the body of your smartphone, covering everything from the back fingerprint scanner to the front facing bezels. Leaving only the touchscreen exposed, it can effectively hide all of the damages that are ruining the sleek look of your G5. But don’t worry about how it will effect these design features. When made out of 3M vinyl, like those designed by dbrand, a wrap is thin enough that it doesn’t interfere with the sensors of the scanner or the detachable bottom bezel. With the latest LG G5 wraps from dbrand, it will be business as usual. Swap out friends and unlock your phone to your heart’s content – it will never stop you from doing what you love.

Past mistakes are concealed and future ones are prevented when a wrap is attached to your LG. Though it’s thin, it’s durable enough to withstand sharp objects, rough handling, and spills. Even the accident prone owners, who seem to spill drinks around their tech constantly, will see a benefit. Its airtight, water-proof material saves the valuable LG from accidental spills, and its texturized surface makes the device easier to hold onto.

If you think plain old vinyl is the only way to keep your smartphone safe, then you have another surprise in your immediate future. The wraps LG G5 users trust with their devices can be customized to take on the look that you want, including a variety of colors and textures like space-age metallic, cushy leather, formidable carbon fiber, and vibrant true colors. You can mix and match these until you create a scheme that’s exactly to your personal tastes, so the next time you pull out your phone in public you won’t be known for your ugly, beat-up phone. Instead people will admire the cool LG G5 in your hands.

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