Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: The New Trend Setter

Samsung’s new launches were pretty interesting if you know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the dual-edge display Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and now there is confirmation came from the end of Samsung that in the next Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2, we would definitely see the similar type of dual-edge display, what a great news, already the single bent extended the functionality of galaxy note edge and now if it would be possible for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2, then you would be seeing lots more new features and the functionality for the new bent area.

In the last Galaxy Note Edge, we found pretty innovative thing for example, Samsung has incorporated two ways of saving energy: the normal mode and ultra power mode. The average saving mode allows you to block background data, disable vibration feedback, turn off the display after three seconds, limit the maximum CPU performance, reduce the frame rate of the screen, turn off the light touch pad, GPS disable or enable grayscale put the display in black and white mode. But you have very limited functionality and still your phone works like a phone. Obviously there is a way you want to have active by default, but is very useful when we are in the last minutes of battery life and want to keep the phone active for a few hours. Unfortunately the phone is held in communication for 3G / 4G and WiFi to turn off the screen, so we do not receive any notification email message WhatsApp or any other type when the phone is idle until the screen turns on when 3G / 4G is activated.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: The New Trend Setter

Although the size of the battery is not spectacular, day by day, without any saving mode enabled, the phone seamlessly hold a day of heavy use and arrived late in the day with 25% without exhausting. And on other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was little ahead because its processor has to play with single panel instead of two-portion display of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Although at maximum level, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 test has endured nine hours and 24 minutes, a high amount, up to other phones which is ahead to the Note Edge, and if this year Samsung repeats the same mistake then its another interesting phone would be suffering from the low sales as it was the case of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. For the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 all roads are clear, just Samsung need to press the right button on the right time, yes we are talking about the right time to bring or release the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2. And it will fall just behind the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is scheduled for the coming September.

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