Rummy Game vs. Cricket, Feel the Adrenaline Pumping

Cricket is one of the most well-known sports in the world. Every 4 years, a world-cup series is held where all the qualifying teams of different countries compete against each other. The winning team receives the world-cup trophy and each involved player gets a huge reward. On the other hand, rummy is a card game, but it has many resemblances with cricket.

Here are the similarities between a game of cricket and online rummy played in India.

  1. High Competition

Both the games involve high competition. In cricket, teams play against each other, and in classic rummy, each player plays individually against other players. There is only one winner, who is eligible for the award. This is why, all types of tactics and strategies are applied to win over each other. Just like a cricket player’s achievements are recorded, the points and special badges earned get recorded at the rummy platform.

  1. Wise Play

While cricket is more about physical efforts, rummy is about putting the mental abilities at best use. In cricket, we find bowlers and batsmen challenging one another by tricky bowling and batting techniques. Similarly, in an online rummy circle, the player has to observe the card moves of the rival and plan his/her moves accordingly. The player has to notice the cards in discard pile and note the possible sequence or set the opponent is trying to make.

  1. Tournaments

Several countries pit against each other in series of matches, before the winning team is declared in cricket. Similarly, in rummy tournaments, the players have to play several matches and then the winner is decided. In an Indian rummy game, players can play cash tournaments to earn real cash. The winners are provided handsome rewards and points that can be utilized to purchase goods and merchandise on the internet.

  1. Special Skills

Every type of sport asks the participant to have a certain skill-set. For instance, in cricket, the player needs to know to play different types of shots and handle different type of bowling. In card games such as rummy, the player needs to understand how to trick the opponent and make him/her discard the card needed to form a sequence/set, how to create a valid pure sequence, how to predict the cards in hand of opponents etc.

  1. Responsible Gaming

Cricket has a set of rules. On the field, breaking rules and not heeding warning of an umpire can attract a penalty for the player. Likewise, those who know how to play rummy are aware about the possible penalties on dropping out of a game. The penalties are not severe, but the player may accumulate unnecessary points if dropping out of an ongoing game, or not making a valid declare. If the player misses out on his/her turns consecutively, then the system itself drops the player from the game.

  1. Online Games

With advent of the internet, both traditional indoor and outdoor games are now easily accessible on the web in form of video games. Cricket and rummy can now be played on websites and gaming applications. A person can now get rummy game free download on smartphone and computer, the same goes for cricket as well. Thus, without a physical deck of cards or a real bat and ball, one can enjoy rummy and cricket.

The above-given pointers will give you a glimpse into the similarities between cricket and rummy and how both the games are exciting activities.

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