Rent A Server or Buy It

Has the time arrived when your business need your own file server? Since the cost of a server may be hefty and the price tags may seem unaffordable to you even for a cheap dedicated server, rent a server may seem an affordable option for you. Rented or leased servers come up with a scalable architecture and managed resources which can be affordable to you.

So, what to do? Rent a server or buy a server?

In renting of a server you do not buy the server, but you take it on a lease or rent. You get full access to the server until the expiration of your lease or rent agreement occurs. Your upfront cost is much lower when you rent a server than purchasing it because in purchase you pay the full price up-front. In buying a server from a dedicated server web hosting service, you get the full ownership of the server and you can do what you want and eliminate the periodic rent charges by paying all upfront.

Rent A Server or Buy It

Benefits of renting a server

With a rented server, you take a server on rent from the provider. You can also take a managed server arrangement in which the provider manages and administers the server for your needs. An unmanaged server arrangement can also be taken when you retain all the administration privileges in house. This may need a lot of work in-house but it can be the right choice for the businesses which want full server control, but do not have enough money to buy a dedicated server. A server which is rented or leased is scalable. An expert says that ‘Most people are moving away from buying a server and the only reason for which you buy a server can be a mandate or security aspect that the data cannot leave your organization”

Thus rent a server is a better decision in order to save the money and many companies rent data storage spaces to their clients for a monthly fee and also offer maintenance fees.

Benefits of buying a server

Buying a server from a best dedicated server hosting can be a good option if you want complete control over the server and can manage enough funds to buy a complete dedicated server for your company. If you have a good IT staff for managing the server yourself and you want to perform everything in-house then you can go for buying a server. There are also situations when some big businesses and government organizations have to follow the mandate and make all the security procedures for not letting the data get out of the organization. In this case the organizations prefer buying a server.

Thus the business strategic decision also plays an important role in selecting the option whether to rent a server or buy it apart from the benefits of either decision.

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