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Are you ready to be “the Indomitable?” To earn achievement points and unique portals in WoD dungeons?’s amazing WoD Challenge Mode 8/8 boosting service, which works the same way as it worked on Boostroom for 9/9 CM boost in Mists of Pandaria, offers you the chance to reap the rewards of WoD dungeons at affordable pricing with fast completion times. We’re offering 8/8 Challenge Mode boosting, including Challenge Mode boosting for the most popular servers, including Silvermoon, Kazzak, Outland, Stormscale, Ravencrest and others, all with professional service and reliable contact to keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Same as Boostroom, offers our users the chance to enjoy self-play boosting, so you can play through WoD Challenge Mode boosts alongside our world-class gaming team, or piloted boosting, including the option to request expedited delivery time so you can achieve your Challenge Mode goals that much faster. Our team of professional gamers have spent hundreds of hours developing strategies that we put to use for you with our Challenge Mode boosting, and we’re excited to be able to share our passion for gaming with you!

What you can expect from us:

• A team of professional gamers who have completed over 10,000 Challenge Mode Boosts

• High-quality service from friendly people who – like you – enjoy gaming

• Competitive pricing for both Europe and America

• A professionally organized Boosting schedule, so we can work with you to find the best days and times

• Challenge Mode 8/8 Boost

• Silvermoon, Kazzak, Outland, Stormscale, Ravencrest Challenge Mode Boosts

• Streaming options so you can watch your boost in action

• Options for self-play or account sharing

• Pricing available for individual dungeons

• Definitive scheduling so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it

• Exclusively WoD Challenge Mode boost - Professional Challenge Mode Boosting

What we ask of you:

Depending on the service you request, we may have different requirements that need to be met in order to complete your boost. Generally speaking, we ask for –

• Item level 630 in all gear slots

• Five flasks for your main stat (Strength, Agility, or Intellect)

• 60 potions for DPS increase (a.k.a., prepots)

• 10 invisibility potions


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