Preparing For A UK Golf Tour Holiday

For the golf fanatic, there is no better way than to spend their annual holiday than touring the country, playing some of the best courses and stopping in some of the best locations. A gold tour holiday can only be improved by taking a group of friends or family to share the occasion with. This may mean some additional planning, ensuring that you can get booked into hotels or other accommodation and that all players will be allowed on the course, but it could offer one of the most memorable breaks for you to enjoy.

Consider how long, and exactly which dates you intend to holiday, ensuring that everybody is available for those dates. It may not be possible to arrange a time that is suitable for every possible guest, and you may have to be prepared to choose dates that suit the greatest number of people. As with any type of holiday, summer months are going to cost more, and the courses will almost certainly be busier than at other times of year.

If you travel during quieter times, you will find it easier to book into hotels or arrange other forms of accommodation, and you may also find that it is easier for you to get on the course, as well; even on courses that would otherwise be closed to the general public. Some members only courses, however, will not entertain the idea of allowing non-members to play so unless you know somebody that is registered at that course, you may have to settle for somewhere different.

If you’re going for a weekend, then golf will take up most of your time, but even then you will still need to find somewhere to eat. The club house, local pubs, and other local venues are always an option, but you should check availability in advance, ensure that venues aren’t closed out of season, and plan your trip accordingly. If you are going for a few days or more, then you may want to arrange something different to do for one or two of the days, and have a good selection of places to eat and grab a drink.

As a keen golfer, you will almost certainly have the equipment that you need for a golfing holiday, but do check green regulations and dress codes for the courses you will play and anywhere else you will visit. Ensure that every party member knows what they need to take, otherwise there may be one disappointed member of the party that is unable to join in the round of golf that you have prepared.

Finally, consider your transport options. Several party members means several sets of clubs and numerous suitcases, but travelling in a single vehicle is not only more convenient but offers greater camaraderie and enjoyment. Hire a minibus hire and you can share the driving responsibilities between you, you can all travel together, and you can make sure that you will all arrive on time and at the right venue.

If you’re planning a weekend of pure golf, or a week of combined golfing and whiskey tasting, Nationwide Hire offers a high quality minibus rental service. Only one of you will need to stay sober, and you can all enjoy the trip.

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