Fun Games To Play On A Trampoline

If you’re looking for something fun to do this summer, it might be time to consider visiting Swings ‘N’ Things to pick out the perfect family trampoline. Whether you want something large that anyone can use or a smaller kids trampoline for your youngsters, it’s possible to find the perfect trampoline for your family. In Cincinatti, many families enjoy playing games together on their trampolines each summer. Even if you aren’t familiar with trampoline games, there are a number of ways you can play simple games that don’t take a lot of preparation or skill to enjoy.

Avoid the Balls

Grab 3-5 small bouncy balls and put them on your trampoline. You could also use stuffed animals if you don’t have any balls. Once the items are on the trampoline, have the kids jump and try to avoid the items. As you and your kids jump, the items will bounce around. This makes it quite tricky to avoid touching them! If someone touches a ball or stuffed animal, they are “out.” The last person remaining on the trampoline is the winner.

Standing Still

One of the easiest games to play is Standing Still. Trampoline Games recommends this as a fantastic core exercise that anyone can enjoy. After you’ve been playing games or jumping for awhile, consider playing Standing Still. Simply stand still on the trampoline with your arms up. See how long you can stay still. You’ll enjoy a few minutes of rest from jumping while simultaneously working the rest of your body’s muscles.

Pop the Popcorn

This game requires at least two players. One person curls up in a ball on the trampoline. Have that person bring their knees to their chest and wrap their arms around their knees. This person is the popcorn. The other person jumps around on the trampoline. As the second person jumps, the first person will start bouncing. See how long the “popcorn” can stay curled up before releasing their legs.


One of the most exciting games any child can play is tag. Have one person be “it” and chase the other kids around. Each time “it” tags someone, that person is “out.” Another way you can play this game is with a net around the trampoline. Have each child keep one hand on the net at all times while they chase each other. This adds a little bit of tension to the game.

Remember that no matter what types of games you play on your trampoline, it’s important to stay safe. Always make sure there is an adult around to monitor children jumping on a trampoline. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep plenty of water around so that everyone stays hydrated while they play.

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