Popular Landscaping Ideas

Garden landscaping is a trend growing in popularity both at homes and at commercial outdoor spaces, with restaurants, hotels and bars opting to utilise their gardens with wholly innovative landscaping designs. So if you’ve always dreamed of landscaping your garden our list of ideas might just get your creative juices flowing!

Ornamental Grasses

Many people are choosing to move away from traditional professional garden landscaping and drifting towards landscaping with ornamental grasses. Now what does that mean you might be asking yourself? This landscaping design incorporates ornamental grasses to form a composition of colourful architectural foliage. Some grasses used to achieve this stunning effect are tall Stipa or Spotted Grass. They are often combined with contrasting colours of blue Elymus. These grasses favour full sunshine and partial shade to flourish!

Landscape Lighting

Illuminating your garden with landscape lighting can give it a whole new dimension and feel. The right lighting and the correct placement can lend an ambience of romance and relaxation to your garden. It is perfect for restaurant gardens or hotel outdoor spaces. Consider running lighting through your trees as well as placing LED lights on your lawn. If you have path running through your garden why not illuminate it to light its boundaries and make it stand out as a feature!

Popular Landscaping Ideas

Woodland Flowers

Using woodland flowers like geraniums and foxgloves in your garden are ideal for areas with equal amounts of light and shade and lack of moisture as they can thrive in woodland like conditions. These flowers prefer free-draining soil and flecked amounts of shade.

Landscaping Uneven Ground

If your garden is rather awkward due to uneven ground then you can really make the most out it by creating levels and even a separate area for dining with steps leading up to a table and chairs. Use wooden decking or crazy paving throughout to create a sense of uniformity and continuity, also making the area seem larger. Why not also build some hedges around the separated areas, which have colourful foliage and flowers? Terraced tiers also evoke a sense of space and interest in a garden!

Outdoor Fire Pits

All the rage right now are outdoors fire pits, which can add such a sense of warmth to a garden. If you’re shaking your head while reading this, thinking a fire pit will set you back a pretty penny, then you can think again! They’re not as expensive as you might think! You can have a fire pit the size of a metal bowl, which are ideal for small patios or gardens! Another inexpensive option is to build a fire pit using mortared limestone and a drain so that water doesn’t collect inside when it rains. In the US, fire pits are now the number one design feature when it comes to landscape gardening and gardening services!


Many landscape designs now incorporate a pond as the main feature. The pond while an attractive eye catcher can also be used to house different types of fish and give a sense of serenity and calm to your garden. You can also get creative with your pond by placing tiles inside that allow you to cross over the pond. You can even create a rockery around the pond!


If you’re not very savvy when it comes to lawn mowing and grass cutting or general lawn maintenance, then you could use paving in your landscaping design. By using large paving stones, or decking you won’t have to bother will mowing the lawn or carrying out pesky weed control. You can keep your plants and flowers in ceramic pots instead!

There really are no limits to what you can achieve with garden landscaping, so why choose any of the above, or even a combination of ideas to create your absolutely impeccable garden!

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