Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners – Things to Consider

If you’re a beginner, you do not really need to have the finest ping pong paddle in the world, but you do require having one that enables you to spin the ball and improve your skills.

Some people make mistakes by buying expensive ping pong paddle for beginners. Having a decent ping pong paddle matters, so it’s essential to keep these following factors in mind:

Control and Spin

Having a ping pong paddle that has the right balance between decent spin and control is important for beginners. When it comes to control, if you are a beginner, you’ll be developing your technique. It is best to begin with a ping pong paddle with medium speed as it will help you keep the balls on the table. It’ll also be less responsive to the spin of the other player and be a little more forgiving once your technique is not quite right.

But, you also like a ping pong paddle that can generate a good amount of spin including sidespin, backspin, and topspin. You will need it to play different shots, which includes serves with lots of spins, chops, pushes, and topspins.

It is a great balance between spin and control. If you will get a ping pong paddle that is too fast, it may be hard to control the ball, yet you may get a lot of spin. If you have something that is too slow, it could be challenging to generate much spin. However, it is much easier to control the ball. Therefore, you might want to stick with the middle ground. A medium speed ping pong paddle is always a wise choice.

Avoid Buying Cheap Premade Ping Pong Paddle

You have to take note that a cheap ping pong paddle is inexpensive for a reason. The materials used for making these paddles are not good. With this in mind, these paddles are useless in generating spin. In fact, there are cheap ping pong paddles that have anti-spin rubbers. Players with this paddle will experience difficulties in learning the basic techniques and strokes to play table tennis properly. It can also result to bad playing habits.

So, the golden rule of thumb is to avoid cheap and premade ping pong paddle. You must pay importance with the quality of the sponge and rubber. It is because this can make a huge difference with your playing experience. It will also help you affect your skills as a beginner. Here are some paddles you may consider to purchase

The Bottom Line

All in all, you do not have to invest lots of money for a ping pong paddle for beginners to improve your playing game and style. The best ping pong paddle should be well-made with a purpose to help you boost your skills while smoothing the learning curve for starters. Less speed on the ping pong paddle with a lot of control and good amount of spin is a great choice for beginners. This will help them improve their playing skills while working their way towards a more competitive level.

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