Perfect Getaway To Nature & Mountaineering With Thomas Faw

No matter how much you love your city, nature always beckons you with its beauty and simplicity. There are several people who pack their bags to take a break whenever they get the chance to do so. They go to the mountains and spend time in the lush green valleys. They also explore sparkling water streams and go on long mountain hikes. The experience is so unique that it cannot be explained or even described in words. Some people also record their lovely adventures so that others get the inspiration and motivation to check out the serenity and beauty of a specific place. One such person who is head over heels in love with the mountains and surrounding nature is Thomas Faw!


Thomas Faw is one of those rare breed of individuals who maintain a healthy work-life balance. He is a professional and very busy real estate developer and construction foreman. He deals with urban development projects in North Carolina. When he is not busy with his projects, he takes his knapsack and hits the road to pursue his dream and passion-mountaineering and exploring nature. He has an amazing passion to conquer mountain summits and go on hiking trails every now and then. He is in close connection in nature as this rejuvenates him for time to time. Whenever he gets the chance, he always ventures out to pursue his passion for mountaineering no matter how hard the summit may be.

When it comes to hard summits, Thomas Faw has always been devoted to winning. For instance, when he conquered Mount Mitchell, it was not smooth sailing from the start. He did make some attempts as the summit was very difficult. Finally, he succeeded and this is one of the best moments in his life.

Thomas Faw is a major source of inspiration and courage to many young people who are interested in nature and mountaineering. He gives them information and advice about the terrains, summits, climate and the right gear to take along.  He always states that when you wish to be close to nature, it is very important for you to be comfortable over fashionable. The right clothes and shoes or boots are a necessary to give you a pleasant experience. It is very important for you to have layers of the right clothing if you are in the mountain regions. For instance, if you are hiking in a very hot and humid area, it is important for you to wear cotton shirts. In colder places nylon should be your first choice.

If you are hiking for the first time and are an amateur, it is very important for you to research the place and take along with you the right gear and clothes. The footwear you choose will prevent you from slipping, getting feet blisters and falling. When you are hiking there are special hiking boots that you must invest in. You may wish to wear your sneakers but they are not the right footwear for you at all. Thomas Faw provides vital advice and this is why he is widely sought after by young and aspiring mountaineers and hikers in North Carolina.

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