Know How To Construct Your Ready Made Shop Within 48 Hours

Beginning with only 7 employees, DS Pipe & Steel Supply LLC, Maryland crated a good field in the industry of pipe supply. The firm introduced to the market by John W. Keehner in  Maryland as on today has carved out a major niche and name as a major supplier of Steel products and pipes across 5 states in the US. At present, its president is Chris Keehner, quite a known personality in the steel industry market. This is a limited liability family owned business which is involved in wholesale as well as distribution of steel pipes.

The states where the firm has already flourished its business has also successfully occupied a reasonable market share. Its major clientele include construction industries and big plumbing companies. The company supplies superior quality steel products including complete range of steel pipes, fittings, structural steel sheets, valves and custom made well fabricated steel materials. Today, the company employs 110 officials and is equipped with 19 trucks to manage its distribution across the states. The company owns a storehouse admeasuring 250,000 sq/ft of area. Chris Keehner is the president of the company and along with his executives, he is steering a good ride for the company.

Know How To Construct Your Ready Made Shop Within 48 Hours

Being an experienced man in steel industry, Chris gets pleasure to share his knowledge through his exclusive blog that is easily accessible through social media sites like Facebook, Google + and Twitter. He shares ideas that can be of benefit to homeowners, businessmen or distributors of plumbing items, constructional products etc. Additionally, he also highlights the major happenings in the steel industry through his write-ups. From focusing on the positions of different countries in steel production to how inventively steel products are now being used for multiple purposes, he covers it all.

Ready-Made Steel Structure

Chris Keehner in his blogs shares such amazing news which can surely make prospective business people surprised and motivated. Backed by cutting-edge concepts steel product producers like DS Pipes and Steel Supply LLC, has introduced readymade steel structures. These can be used for making complete steel skeleton building. All these structures are available in different cuttings, measurements and are made versatile so as to these can be fitted at your suitable place just within 48 hours!

For those who are looking for a low rise, lightweight, heavy duty and waterproof steel constructions, these skeleton ready-made constructional items can be a great choice. Residing at the hurricane prone state like Florida, business persons can definitely have a thought on this issue.

Tips for Homeowners

Regardless of, those who already own homes and individuals planning to buy a new home; for both, plumbing fittings items matter a lot. Regarding home building, Chris Keehner recommends you to not compromise with the quality aspect of constructional materials as well, the plumbing tools or steel pipes that you use especially for water pipelines. Because, you are going to use them for longer period, and compromising with the quality can just increase your recurring expenditure in due course of time, which is really frustrating. Always go for best steel pipes and plumbing items. To know more, please go through the blogs of this experienced ‘steel man’.

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