NHL – Who Will Win The East?

The Tampa Bay Lightening seem to be the hands-down favorite to win the East. There may not be a more balanced team in the Conference, which is why hockey predictions are already putting them on top. This team can score,it has a deep defense, and knows how to hold onto the puck. In addition, the team has a good 1-2 goaltending punch. So, there’s really not much else that needs to be said.

Last Year’s Eastern Conference Champs

The Lightening are last year’s Eastern Conference Champions and not much has changed with the team this year. If anything, the team is stronger. The Lightening got within two games of winning the Stanley Cup in 2015. The only real competition they should have this year is the Montreal Canadians, who may just put up another amazing year with Carey Price.

The Atlantic Division

Some say besides the Lightening and the Canadians, the rest of the Atlantic Division is a joke. Which means, the Tampa Bay team should haveno problem locking up a Division title. It’s arguable whether Price will pull a repeat of last year, Buffalo might be better but will still be mediocre, and Florida, Ottawa, and Detroit all are unlikely to rally much.

The Metropolitan Division

The Metropolitan Division may be a dog fight, with predictions for a winner in this division divided between the New York Islanders, the Pittsburg Penguins, the Washington Capitals, and the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Rangers and the Penguins are top picks in this division, but neither will give the Lightening any trouble in the end.

The Tampa Bay Lightening are who will win the NHL East. They are a formidable and largely intact squad, which will surely fare as well as or better than they did last year. For more sport prediction and betting tips contact TheMachinesPicks.com

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