Natural Hair Care Tips For Strong and Healthy Hairs

Hair is very important to enhance the beauty of a woman so hair care is very essential in day to day life. If you are not very pretty, you can get over it if you have attractive hair. In the world of today hair is affected by food adulteration, water and climatic conditions. When one or two strands of hair fall off there is no problem but when lots of hair start falling it is time to contact a dermatologist. Here are a few easy Hair Care Tips to take care of your hair.

Hair should be Washed Once a Week

With pollution raising every day hair needs extra attention. At least once a week hair has to be thoroughly washed. Half an hour before bath apply coconut oil to the hair and wait for half an hour after that prepare a mixture of henna with coffee and apply it on the head with a brush and wait till it dries, it may take about half an hour. After that wash your hair, shampoo it and use a mild conditioner and dry it with a cold drier. The will help in maintaining the rich texture of your hair. When using shampoo for your hair always get small packets and check which shampoo agrees with your hair and then buy it.

Curry Leaves for Healthy Growth of Hair

If you find your hair is lusterless and not growing properly then you know something is not right and your hair requires additional care. Here home remedy is better than trying out some sophisticated treatment. Make a paste of curry leaves and apply it on your head with a brush before bath and let it dry for half an hour. After that wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry it with a cold drier. This will help the roots of the hair to grow strong and your hair will look healthy. This should be done once in 15 days or whenever you notice your hair is lusterless. It is one of the most effective Hair Care Tips among all.

Hair Tonic to Prevent Premature Graying and to Take Care of your Hair

Take a steel bowl with curry leaves and add coconut oil till they are completely submerged in the oil and boil the mixture till the color of the leaves turns black. Cool this and then apply it to the roots of your hair and head and leave it for an hour .After that wash  it with a mild shampoo and blow dry it with a cold drier. This can be done once a week or once in 15 days depending on whether your hair requires special attention.

Get Back the Bounce in your Hair

When you find your hair has lost its bounce it is time to take care of your hair. Take curry leaves and grind them to a wet waste. Then add a spoonful of yogurt and apply it from the roots of the hair keep it for one hour or less till it dries. Then wash your head with a mild shampoo and dry it with a cold dryer. Once your hair is dry the original bounce will be back. All the above Hair Care Tips will help your hair to remain strong and healthy.

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