5 Tips For An Anti-stress Bed Room

One of the reasons why you cannot sleep at night, and therefore can not rest, your room may not have adequate decoration. An anti stress room can be what you need.

For many people the room is a real nest, a place where we should feel comfortable and safe to finally rest after a long day of work. There is nothing better than your own space. The problem is when this good feeling there, in your bedroom, and your lack of sleep, deteriorates. If all goes well with your health, it may be time to see if the decor of your room is still the culprit. Yes, we can help prevent problems of sleep and rest and bring better dreams for your nights. Review the following suggestions to achieve an anti stress bedroom.

Give Credit to Neutral Colors

The lighter, neutral colors are allies in improving sleep quality. They help reduce agitation. They are a safe choice for your bedroom. The beige, white and gray, provide less stimulation, giving your room a sense of peace. These are simple and neutral colors work well with bedroom furniture and decor to create a comfortable space. But if you like the color and do not want to give them up, blue, yellow and green (all in clear, soft tones) are also good choices.

Remove things from Sight and Mind

Use the drawers of the nightstand and a dresser to store items from your everyday life and let the pieces that bring good memories to be displayed. You can put them on the shelves, but be careful. Exaggeration can cause the opposite effect: a messy room with unnecessary information and will harm the process of emptying the mind.

Dim Lighting

It can often be difficult to turn off the mind from one minute to another, and is achieved only by deleting the only source of general lighting in the room. The ideal is to have a lamp on the nightstand and leave it on for several minutes while the transition is made to sleep. When the eyes begin to weigh, turns off the light and deep sleep.

Electronic Devices

A talk with the group of WhatsApp or watch that movie in bed before sleep, can hardly give you a chance to have a good night’s sleep. Resist the temptation! The essential in the routine of daily life, electronic devices end up leaving us anxious and agitated, everything that should not be at the time we have to rest.

Beware of Odors

Delicious perfume that you like and that you bought and you apply it in your room; also that moisturizer that you use every day, apply it on your bed, and what about the hair products that let impregnated on your pillow… Rather than having all these flavors in your bed, it is desirable that the stay away. They are certainly smells delicious, but the mix of all of them can be irritating and cause headache. A scented candle or some relaxing scent better in that space you are looking to relax to sleep.

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