Moving Office? Try These Relocation Tips

Whether you own or are renting your office space, there comes a time in every businessman’s life when you just have to move on – sometimes quite literally so. Moving your office to another building can at times seem like relocating all your possessions to another planet – but if you follow some simple tips, the transition won’t be as stressful as it may look at first glance.

1. Write Down Deadlines and Negotiate Transport Deals

When moving your office to another facility, try to get the most out of the available time and find most favorable removal bargains. If you go looking for transport services at the last minute, the local removal company will probably rip you off big time and you won’t be able to negotiate the price. Make sure you know the move-out deadlines and average local removal prices to avoid overpaying transport services on short routes.

Moving Office? Try These Relocation Tips

2. Get the Necessary Goods and Start Packing

It’s time to get those big boxes, bags, markers and stickers out and start packing up. Label each box with a content post-it to make unpacking easier for yourself and your colleagues after you move into your new workplace. In case you haven’t already rented or purchased your new office space, you may consider hiring a container shelter to temporarily accommodate your office equipment and supplies. Strong, ample and reliable, container shelters will keep your goods safe from the elements and robbers until you find the right place to store all that office gear.

3. Get those Desks, Chairs and Desktops Moving

In order to simplify unpacking and décor arrangements once you arrive in your new office, clean out the desks, chairs, computers, shelves and other equipment you want to take with you to your new workplace. In case you don’t have either the time or will (or both) for a thorough spring cleaning of office equipment prior to transport, you may ask a colleague to do it for you or leave it for later – but whatever you do, try not to cram your new business space with useless ancient mess. Clutter’s bad for both the spatial energy and human health and efficiency, so it’s probably best to keep your workplace neat and well-organized from day one.

Moving Office? Try These Relocation Tips

4. Handle Boxes with Care

In order to avoid accidental crushes and breakdowns during handling and transport, load the boxes to the van or truck with great care and arrange them evenly on the floor for optimum weight distribution. You may also decide to secure the boxes and bags with some straps and stretchy ropes to prevent potential tumbles and falls during the ride. Office electronics are usually super-sensitive, so double-check the safety of boxes with computers and LCD monitors before you close the van door.

5. Unload, Unpack, Arrange and Rearrange

Once all your office equipment has successfully arrived to your new office premises, get that heavy furniture arranged around the room first and leave smaller items for later. Decide which desk goes where, arrange the shelves and drawers and try not to block any door or window while moving the furnishings around. You’ll probably want your new workplace to get ample sunlight and easy access to the hall, so position the hefty furniture items accordingly. That done, take out the small paraphernalia like mugs, mousepads and headphones and finish off unpacking. In case you have brought along some unnecessary gear, throw it away or store it somewhere safe, in a basement or tool shed until you need it next.

Take your entrepreneurial efforts to a whole new level – and a whole new office. Success comes to those who are ready to take some business risks and work their butts off – so, why not do exactly that, and in a far better-looking workplace too?

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