How To Make Your Store Displays Look Great

No matter how great your merchandise or what unbelievable bargains you’re offering, if your store displays don’t look attractive you’re going to struggle to attract customers.

There are lots of factors to consider when setting up the POP displays in your shop and it’s an area you should frequently revisit and refresh.

In order to do this you need the most versatile type of shelving displays and units as well as clear ideas of how you want your products to be laid out.

We take a look at a few ideas of how to make your store displays really look great.

Use Height Cleverly

Even if your store is relatively compact, you probably have a generous amount of vertical space that you could use.

However, simply piling your products high isn’t just a health and safety issue, it’s also ugly, unattractive and won’t appeal to customers.

Slatwall panels are a great way to create a versatile shelving space which allows items to be organised properly and grouped, creating a larger space for merchandise which doesn’t look overwhelming.

How To Make Your Store Displays Look Great1

 A well-stocked slatwall display

Don’t forget to take into account the height of both the customer and the product when aligning your shelving on the slatwall panel.

Type of Merchandise

Although much will depend on your creativity in displaying your goods, each type of merchandise will generally suit certain types of shelving more than others.

Therefore in order to make your store look really good, you need to choose the right displays for each line of merchandise you stock.

For example, clothes are best set out on either garment racks, tables or a slatwall to show them off to their full potential. In contrast, bottles such as wines and spirits are more suited to gondola shelving or a wine rack display.

A slatwall is one of the more versatile types of shelving as this accommodates many different types of products so if you sell many different things, a slatwall may be a good investment.

Location in the Store

One very major factor is the location in the floor plan of the shop and where exactly the display is going to be situated.

If the display is going to be near the front of the store and one of the first things a customer sees as they walk in, a table exhibit or even a custom design is best for maximum exposure.

If it’s going to be in the centre of the store, or around walkways, a table, gondola shelving, garment racks, slatwall – including base – or a cart display can help to attract customers to the products.

How To Make Your Store Displays Look Great

 Gondola shelving in a retail store

Slatwall shelving is ideal for wall spaces whilst corners benefits from either a table, or a slatwall that cuts across it diagonally to create a feature display.

Don’t forget the area around the check out too; gondola shelving or towers works well here.


Having display units which are well organised and smart is essential but no matter how well laid out, if they’re going to mark, scratch or damage the exterior of your merchandise you’ll need to think again.

Your store display won’t look great if it’s bending under the weight and items with sharp corners or finishes are probably best kept on a wooden display unit, damage will occur. Likewise a metal display area could easily tear or scratch a delicate item, costing you money as well as customers.


There are lots of clever display designs, including versatile and flexible options such as a slatwall, which can help you to create a real visual impact. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good looking store; just a few simple moves could drive up profits by pulling in the customers with the help of effective and eye-catching displays.

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