Morrisons Persist With Market Street Directive In Revamped Campaigns

As things have turned out, Morrisons has re-enlisted Ant and Dec to bolster the promotion of its fresh food market and eatery concept. The Market Street concept aims to uphold and prove the value or quality of the service range. Created by DLKW Lowe, the advertisement s showcases the celebrity duo taking a brisk stroll in a cobbled, street. They explore the fresh culinary offering on offer. Fifteen staff from the Morrisons folds also features in the ‘market traders’ group to demonstrate products that include baked pies, fresh fish and flowers. The sequence ends with a compelling strap-line or catchphrase, “Market freshness-Market prices-Only on Market Street at Morrisons.”

The duration of the ad is 50 seconds. It will go on air from 3 February during the Coronation Street show on ITV channel. The company recently announced that its renewal of an existing brand ambassador agreement with the celebrity duo. The renewed deal also includes sponsorship details related to popular ITV shows like Britain’s got Talent and Saturday Night Takeaway. The corporate brand marketing head of Morrisons, Belinda Youngs said that this advertisement highlights the innate pride of the company for its Market Street rates and products. The esteem comes from a posse of friendly, skilled employees. Ant and Dec have assisted the company to take their fresh market precedents and life to a new destination of fresh value and esteem.

According to company insiders as well as market narratives, Morrisons is counting on a newly devised strategy for business development. The hope is that their market strategy, which mainly focuses on individual brand products and fresh food, can really help to replenish the void created by a steady decline in sales in the recent past. They hope this strategy will be able to turn around the fortunes of the company. However, there is no proper indication of it working finely. The Christmas sales have dropped sharply and the concerned supermarket had no other choice but to issue a profit warning.

It accounted to the worst hit section among the three major supermarkets. The parameters reveal staggering figures of 5.6 percent fall as compared to a 2.4 percent downward slope in Tesco. The Sainsbury’s experienced a 0.2 percent rise. Asda wis yet to reveal its performance data during the festive season. Morrions squarely blames paucity of online offering alongside heavy rebate strategy by rivals for this lackluster performance. This has led to the inception of the online grocery delivery, a service which caters to West Yorkshire and Warwickshire. An introduction of a loyalty scheme is on the cards.

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