Modern Amenities to Add When You Remodel Your Outdated Kitchen

white wooden kitchen cabinet and white kitchen counter

When you are ready to update your old fashioned kitchen, be sure to include some contemporary amenities that will make this important room more fashionable and functional. It will pay off to make some up-to-date improvements whether you plan on selling your home in the future or not. Here are some possibilities to consider as you plan your kitchen remodeling design and budget.

Updated Appliances

Depending on the age and condition of your current kitchen appliances, this may be a good time to look for good deals on a newer stove, possibly a glass-top stove for easier cleaning and more even cooking temperatures. A larger or smaller fridge, possibly one with an icemaker if you don’t have this feature now, can help to keep your perishable foods safe and enjoyable while adding a fresh look to the kitchen. A garbage disposal might help to eliminate stinky trash buildup waiting for someone to take it outside to the trash can. Investing in updated appliances will not only give your home an updated appearance, but it will also help you cut down on energy costs. New appliances are built to use less energy, which will make your home more green.

Increased Workspace

Food prep, cooking, and cleanup might become easier if you free up more workspace in your remodeled kitchen. Stack smaller appliances—like a microwave over the stove or a stove with a built-in grill—to open the counter space for food-related tasks. You could add shelving for cooking tools and small appliances for additional counter area. You may want to add a kitchen island. In addition to expanding your workspace, you can also add storage space and cupboards for ingredients or tools that you use most often. If you have the space in your kitchen, you can even expand your countertop. Replace the countertops and opt for larger slabs of granite or quartz so you have more room to work with. 

Enhanced Functionality

Improve the lighting in the kitchen by replacing old fashioned fixtures with recessed lighting above or suspension lighting over the sink or in the center of the room for diffused illumination. Your kitchen remodeling project might upgrade the flooring for a neater appearance and to stabilize older flooring that may have bubbles or uneven places that have become a trip-and-fall hazard. The renovation is a good time to update the plumbing for the sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator ice maker.

Additional Storage

Kitchens need lots of storage space for food, dishes, and cookware. You might decide to replace older cabinets with newer ones that are larger or that fit more efficiently with the room space. Mount shelves inside cupboard doors to hold smaller items or those that are used most frequently. A corner cabinet or a microwave stand with one or more cupboards can expand storage space for items that are less frequently used. You can also add floating shelves to any wall space that is currently emptied. Floating shelves will offer a stylish solution for extra storage space. They have been trending in recent years and can add a lot of visual appeal to your kitchen. 

Heated Flooring

Many newer homes include heated flooring throughout the house. If you don’t have the means to add it to your whole home, consider adding it just to your kitchen. This can be especially nice if you live in a colder climate. You won’t have to walk on cold floors as you are making your morning cup of coffee. This is an amenity that might seem like a frivolous purchase, but it can add some luxury to your home. 

Light-Up Backsplash

Light-up backsplashes add a unique touch to your kitchen and home. There are many different designs and lighting color options to choose from. Visit an interior design showroom to see what options might be available to you. This isn’t everyone’s style, but if you have ever considered adding this to your home, it can give it a significant upgrade and is a worthwhile investment. 

Hands-Free Faucet

If you really want your kitchen to be up-to-date, add a hands-free faucet. These are extremely convenient as you don’t have to worry about touching the faucet with your dirty hands while cooking. If you are someone who does a lot of cooking, it can be a great addition to your kitchen. It is sure to impress all of your guests who visit as well. 

Coffee Bar

If you love your morning coffee, then adding a coffee bar to your kitchen can be a wise investment. If you have the space, then you can add an entirely new built-in bar. You can add plenty of shelves and drawers for all of your coffee making accessories, beans, and syrups. However, if your kitchen won’t allow for a built-in bar, you can just add space to your current counter space. You don’t have to take up too much room. Invest in a small espresso machine and add some hooks underneath your cabinets for your mugs. You can display your coffee beans and syrups in a small corner of your countertops for a full at-home coffee making experience. 

The kitchen is truly the hub of the home. Plan your remodel to emphasize its best qualities while changing or adding others to meet your family needs. There are plenty of ways to improve your kitchen no matter your budget. An updated kitchen will make time spent there even more enjoyable.

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