Mobile Advertising Can Be More Effective If You Follow These Tips

These days you will see very few people without their cell phones in their hands. Around 90% of the world has a cell phone they keep by their side throughout the day, frequently checking for messages and calls. Thanks to smartphones people are much more in tune with their cellular devices, since so much more can be done on the phones.

For the business owner this means there’s a new form of marketing in town, and if you really want to put a smile on the face of all of your customers and increase business and sales, getting in on the action is something that you must do at once.


Here are a few mobile advertising tips that will ensure you reach the top.

1.  Know your Audience

Knowing your audience is the first and a very important step that must be taken to ensure that your mobile advertising dollars are stretching as far as they can. There are numerous ways that you can get to know your audience and connect with them so you’re delivering exactly what they’re looking for. Understanding what apps they are using, why they are using them and how they are interacting and you will do wonders for your campaign!

2.  Learn where to Place Ads

Strategically placing all of your ads is important. Putting them in the wrong place will result in annoyance and turning customers off. No one wants to see your ad for cologne while they are in the middle of their favorite video game. Carefully consider placement of your ads for the best results.

3.  Use Contextual Advertising

Almost 85% of all cell phone users have a smartphone, and you must take advantage of this fact. They use their smartphone to help them conduct internet searching, and when you’re using contextual advertising then you are going to benefit from their search. Pay per click is one example that can be used in conjunction with mobile advertising to gain benefits and exposure to all of the ads that are placed.

4.  Relevant Deals are a Must

It is no secret: people want to get their ads via mobile advertising. According to many numerous surveys, nearly 2/3 of all consumers prefer to be contacted via text messaging, but this is when you are offering them only relevant deals that they really want to enjoy. There are so many awesome deals that you can provide, regardless of the type of business that you operate. Make the offers as awesome as you can, and be sure they are the things that you customers really want!

5.  Use Online Platforms with Mobile Advertising

Mobile device are used in a variety of ways these days. People use them to read email, visit social media sites, download and use apps and more. Thus, you should be using these platforms to help engage people with your mobile advertising. You can provide follow-up of your ads which will also help you promote more online sales, in-store traffic and more knowledge of your business.

6.  Get Local

Offering local deals is a must in order to be successful at mobile advertising. There have been a number of failed mobile advertising attempts because offers were made more on a corporate level than on a local level. Customers want to feel connected to your business, and they want to know the offer is available to them. By localizing and personalizing all of the offers you can reach out and touch more people and get a far better response than you otherwise would receive.

Put These Tips to Good Use

With these mobile advertising tips you can be certain that every single dollar you spend is being put to good use and bringing effectiveness toward building your business. Not all campaigns have this success, especially when you are trying to go into things blindly and without a clue of what works and what does not work.

Mobile advertising is what customers want, so make sure that you give it to them! Use each of these tips to your benefit and you are sure to build a large customer base and do wonders for your business.

This article is contributed by Samay who is blogging at where he writes about top Indian companies.

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