Meet A Skilled and Expert Business Decision Planning Coach

Annie Duke is famous for her outstanding career in poker however she now has found a new direction in life as a coach in Decision Science. Now, what is Decision Science and how does it impact our lives?

Annie puts it simply. She has gathered valuable experience from playing poker and being a homemaker. According to her both require the skills of strategic decision making. This impacts all the aspects of our lives. Annie sports an academic background in cognitive psychology and when she was a poker champion, she applied the art of decision science at the poker table. Today, she is going the extra mile and now sharing this rich experience with educational and inspirational presentations.

Gradually Annie Duke has now become the Decision Science coach and mentor we all need in our lives today. She is working on her website on the same name to help people understand its basics. She gives successful coaching and mentoring on oration skills and how this is a part and parcel of decision making. The sole target of these successful presentations is to make people become aware of the advantages of Decision Science that will positively help them make crucial decisions in life.

Meet A Skilled and Expert Business Decision Planning Coach

According to Annie, she states that there are many people who love using the concept of bluffing however when it is overused, it can get you into deep trouble. She incorporates four salient points in her presentations. They are-

  • Evaluation of Feedback
  • Sunk cost
  • Tilt- Managing emotions
  • Tactics-Managing ultimatums

She has described these four philosophies easily as well. For Evaluation of Feedback, she states that after playing poker for over two decades she observed how players cannot improve their game skills despite the adequate proof of the fact that they play extremely well. This is because most poker players do not embrace the negative feedback they receive in a positive and productive manner.

In case of the Sunk Cost philosophy, she states that people have a potent bias to take their invested resources into account when they are making decisions as to whether to proceed forward. She has examined this decision and reveals the primary cause for this irrationality. Along with the above, she gives us an insight into averting this decision making error. In addition to these two main philosophies, she also gives valuable education of the management of emotions and ultimatums.

Annie Duke is now focused and dedicated to share her secrets of success to millions. She has already started giving presentations and is regularly invited to speak to major corporate brands on the Science of Decision Making.  Her effective corporate training sessions have received positive response. Attendees have stated that their outlook and perspective to Decision Science has changed. They have become more aware of their thoughts and take the factors that have been taught by Annie into account before they make crucial decisions in life. They are grateful for this awareness and most of the time the decisions they are making really have created a positive impact on the quality of their lives!

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