Long Flight: TOP Things To Do On The Plane Board

The planes are the fastest and the most comfortable way of travelling, especially, if you are going to travel for long distances. Train, car, bus cannot be compared with the plane. Whenever you are, it takes much time to get to Canada. Sometimes, it takes about 10-12 hours to get there. It does not really matter, how much time you have, 10 or 4. You need something to spend time during the long flight. Travelling with kids, you have to think of their leisure. The kids don’t like to sit still and do nothing.


Make Your Trip Comfortable

Disinfect the Space around You

Never forget that a plane, cheap or expensive, is still a kind of public transport. There are many dangerous microbes around. So, it is better to take a set of antibacterial agents to clean the table and the seat arms.

Control Ventilation

Of course, you should not take the cold air to catch cold. You are among the hundreds of people in the plane. Some of them can be ill. You should control your ventilation to place it straight in front of you to guard yourself from the harmful microbes.

Check the Life Jacket

Of course, everything will be all right. It takes you little time to raise your hand and check the inventory. It is better to check the life jacket and emergency exits around before the flight.

Check Your Stuff

After you took care of the safe flight, you have to think of your comfortable travelling. Try to put all necessary things into your hand-luggage before the flight. Keep it near at hand: book, headphones, warm sweater, iPad.

Use Your Headphones

Headphones on your head are the popular and categorical signal for the passengers next to you that you don’t want to talk now. It does not matter what you are going to do: listen to the music or educational records or do nothing. Just use your headphones and enjoy the flight.

Chew the Gum

It sounds strange. Nevertheless, your chewing gum can help you to control the air pressure and better your condition during the flight.

In the plane

Things to Do During the Flight

Watch TV

If you want to spend your time comfortably during the long flight, make sure that the TV on the back of the seat is in order. If the TV is out of order, ask for the stewardess help in order to change the seat or do something to check the situation.

Get Some Sleep!

This is the best way to spend time in the plane, especially if you are afraid of flights. It is better to take the seat close to the illuminator. Try to wear comfortable shoes, clothes to feel free. You can also take the pillow to sleep in the plane. It is better to have special air pillow. By the way, the most of the air companies gives the mini-set with the pair of socks, pillows and sleeping masks. It is very popular service, especially when the flight takes long.

Read a Book

The most popular service in the plane is reading a book! It is better to take the easy pleasant books that are under the weight. It helps to take your mind off. Again, you can read i-book from your iPad or telephone. It is also very comfortable.

Plan Your Trip

People forget about the city maps and road maps in the modern age of the innovative technologies. You can easily buy the map of the country you go to and make a plan of your trip. Of course, you may download the map app on your phone and work offline by planning your trip: places to visit, restaurants to dinner, hotel to live in.


Use Air Company Attractions

It is not a secret that all modern planes are equipped with the DVD players and monitors. You can listen to your favorite music, watch TV, films, something modern or classic, something that can help you to spend time. Oh, never forget to take the pair of headphones from home or stewardess. Backseat monitors also give you all necessary information about the flight: height, place where are you flying at, how much time is left and so on.

Read the Newspaper

You can read the newspapers in the plane. It can be the newspaper of different languages about the political and cultural news.

Do the Exercises

If the flight takes more than 3 hours, your back and shoulders are tired. The air pillow or back roller cannot help for long. Do you want to kick feet up? You cannot do that in the plane. Just do the simple exercises with your feet, move your shoulders, hands. You can try to move your feet and back on the way to the rest room. Be careful, there are many passengers around.

Internet on the Board

There is Wi Fi on the board. This is a nice opportunity to do something online, prepare the speech or find material for the new meeting. You can read and write letters online.

Shopping on the Board

Do you like shopping? How interesting the shopping online is! You have enough time to find something special, unusual, compare prices and read the goods descriptions. Are you hungry? You can have a breakfast or dinner on the board. If the flight takes more than 6 hours, you are offered to eat twice a day. It helps to spend time and feel great!

Looking down

The small noisy cafe, cup of coffee and the charming mountain view; snow hills and Ontario Lake from the window – this is the main part of your travelling. You can hire a car in Toronto just in the airport and go to see all the city attractions. Try to take some rest after the long flight. If you want to be in a good mood and full of energy, spend your time on the board wisely. So, do you have any ideas about what you are going to do during the long flight?

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