A Guide on How to Deal with Employer Issues

There are many reasons why a person might feel they have been unfairly treated by their employer, and in such a case, there are legal options. Before any action can be taken by the employee, it is essential to seek out legal advice. There are firms of solicitors that have specialists in many forms of law, and they join together to form a team that provides all of the necessary legal services a person might require. As we all know, there are many branches of law, and solicitors tend to focus on ne specific field, which might be family or corporate law, while some prefer the challenge of criminal law, and for those who have employment issues, there is employment law.

Wide Range of Issues

The scope of this field is enormous, as it must cover every possible scenario that could occur between a company and its employees, which typically includes the following:

  • Unfair Dismissal – Very often, a person feels they were unfairly dismissed and there are very strict labour laws concerning terminating a person’s employment. If the correct protocol was not followed, then a labour court might rule that the dismissal was unfair, and in that case, a compensation figure would have to be paid to the dismissed employee.
  • Discrimination – This is a very common issue, especially in the UK, where many ethnic groups have made their home. If a person feels they have been mistreated in any way due to their ethnic background, they may have a case for compensation or redress. If, for example, a person in Surrey felt they were not receiving fair treatment from their employer, or other employees, there are experienced employment solicitors in Dorking who can advise accordingly and if they feel you have a case, they would be happy to represent you.
  • Redundancy – In the days of increasing automation, more and more people are finding themselves dealing with premature redundancy, and very often, the terms are not favourable to the employee. In such a case, the worker should seek experienced legal advice before agreeing to anything, and in many cases, the solicitor is able to secure a more favourable outcome.
  • Disciplinary Action – If an employee is penalised in any way for their actions, there are very clear procedures for this, and in many cases, the company does not follow the correct procedure, and by seeking out legal advice at the outset, you can be well prepared for the employment tribunal. Your solicitor can help you to build a solid case, and they will also be able to give you a clear idea of the outcome, as they would have considerable experience in these matters.

Seeking out expert legal advice at the very outset is strongly advised, regardless of the issue, and by being honest with your lawyer, you will very quickly know exactly where you stand, and in the event they solicitor feels you have a very strong case, they would likely take it on a no win, no fee basis.

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