LEED Houses In Boca Raton

LEED Houses in Boca Raton written by: Godfreyy Are you looking for LEED houses in Boca Raton? If so, you have come to the right place. LEED houses in Boca Raton are designed around sustainable principles so as to reduce the energy bills, and are eco friendly.

LEED (abbreviation for, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), can be described as a certification program for green building. This certification program has numerous ratings and levels which recognize best in class building strategies for houses, offices, homes, new constructions, hospitals, schools, and much more. The goal of LEED rating systems is to reward and encourage sustainable design across various metrics including sustainable site choices, water efficiency, energy savings, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, indoor environmental quality, and many others. In other words, LEED is basically a set of guideline which aims to help houses/buildings be much more efficient and eco friendly. LEED for homes program was actually developed for builders who were seeking to build fully certified high performance, eco friendly green homes which go beyond energy and water efficiency to incorporate high levels of sustainability features. For example, the Silver Certification in LEED v4 is bolder and more specialized, according to a broker at Palmetto Park Realty who just opened an office specializing in LEED homes around Boca Raton and Palm Beach County. They give an example of a property in Ft. Lauderdale that meets Silver certification.

LEED Houses In Boca Raton

LEED houses in South Florida are awarded for integrating sustainable designs so the houses use less water, less energy, and other natural resources, thus creating less waste; this is healthier and much more comfortable for the homeowners. The LEED certification program rewards and recognizes builders for meeting the highest industry performance standards, and also gives the homeowners confidence/assurance that their house is healthy, environmentally friendly and durable. That being so, there are actually many other benefits which come from owning a LEED house, including lower water bills, lower energy bills, reduced green house gas emission, and reduced exposure to the indoor toxins. Owning a LEED Certified house means the much needed peace of mind for a home buyer. LEED is actually more like a highly recognized and reputable label which shows that the house has been performance tested and professionally verified and incorporates more efficient features and techniques and features.

The US Green Building Council came up with LEED so as to promote better green building practices. As a matter of fact, you might have set foot into a famous LEED building without realizing it. If you have ever been to the Empire State Building in New York, or Olympic Villages in Vancouver and Beijing, then you certainly have set foot in a LEED building.

Benefits of Purchasing a LEED Certified Home

-LEED certified houses utilize resources much more efficiently. They use on average 20% – 30% less water and energy, with some homes even using up to 60% less energy as compared to homes built to meet the code minimums.

-If you ever want to sell your house, you will fetch a much higher price if your home is LEED certified. According to Trulia, LEED homes also sell more quickly.

-Generally, every single part of a LEED house is well insulated and sealed, which saves you a lot of of money on cooling and heating.

-The indoor air in a LEED certified home is much better because of LEED’s dedication to never use any toxic chemicals when building.

-LEED houses are much less expensive to live in.


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