Learn More About Sustainable Product Handling Solutions

It is important that we learn from our past mistakes when it comes to sustainable product handling solutions. If you are the owner of a business, you should be doing your best to create sustainable options for your employees and customers. Throw away boxes that can be purchased from cheap packaging suppliers is no longer an option when it comes to business as hundreds of materials are being wasted every year. Statistics are showing that a huge difference must be made by companies if the UK wants to get through the struggle it is facing with recycling.

Plastic is an excellent product handling choice if it is used in the right way. Reusing and recycling plastic is extremely important as the rate of plastic use within Western Europe is growing at around 4% per annum. Plastic can take up to 500 years to fully decompose. Recent studies have shown that every year in the UK, the amount of waste which we produce increases by about 3%. Little by little this figure grows and in 25 years, the amount of waste we produce will have doubled.

This is a scary thought, this means that Brits in business should definitely be more conscious about the materials that they are using. We decided to get the opinion of a product handling solutions export, to see what they can do to encourage UK companies to choose eco-friendly euro container options.

Learn More About Sustainable Product Handling Solutions

Plastic Euro Containers

Statistics show that 75,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year in the UK. Plastic is being used more now than ever before as 20 times more plastic is made and used today than it was 50 years ago.

The number of companies choosing plastic euro containers in recent years has increased. Plastic euro containers that are made out of recyled materials are one of the best options for brands that want to be more sustainable when it comes to their product handling choices. Plastic euro containers are also extremely durable which means they will last for years and years after they have been purchased, making them an overall business investment.

Businesses That Use Euro Containers

Almost any business will benefit from using sustainable euro containers that are made of plastic.  Euro Containers re most commonly used for food storage and transport as plastic containers are extremely robust boxes and take a lot of bashing around. In recent years product handling companies have improved the functionality of these boxes by adding vented containers to their eurp containers  range.

Learn More About Sustainable Product Handling Solutions

Exporta Global

Exporta have been a member of the product handling solutions community for many years and they have been passionate experts when it comes to products such as euro containers. They say that “if you are invested in the environment then these plastic boxes are made from recycled plastic and are sturdy and hard wearing”.There is only one place to buy plastic euro containers in the UK and that is Exporta Global. The brand sells millions of euro containers every year as they offer customers an eco-friendly option when it comes to packaging.

Find out more about Exporta and the materials that they use via their website: https://www.exportaglobal.co.uk

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