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We all have been playing and watching sports through all of our life. Sports play a very important role in our life. In early days means in the past the people were more attracted of about their health. They used to do certain exercises and other sort of things to make them healthy. Though there were no gyms and public instructors still those people were healthy and fit from every aspect. They believed that the fitness lies in the nature so they were more close to the nature. They used to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

They used to play sports in the fields which kept them fit. Today we all are passionate about sports we love to watch them but we don’t like to play them. We just want to sit in front of the TV and watch some sports channel throughout the day but we do not bother to go out in the field and play sports knowingly that how much sports is important for us and what benefits we could obtain from it if we play sports instead of watching it by sitting on our couch in our drawing room.

There are many reasons that we don’t play sports today. The most common reason is that in this 21st century we have become the machines to produce money. All we care is about how to make money and how to spend in in the best of our interest. We even don’t bother to care the way from which we are getting the money. It can be any way either hook or crook. Well that’s a different debate and coming back to topic of sports.

It is advent that when the humans got so much busy in their bread earning process something had to be invented which kept them informed about the sports in this rush place so the concept of online score came into existence. No matter what sport you like and which sport you want to follow, today you can follow it simply on the website and can make yourself aware of all the latest happenings around in the world. You can make yourself known about any new tour or any other thing that your favorite team is up to. No matter where ever you live this technology of internet can keep you posted everywhere about anything making the world a real global village in which we all are connected.

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